Anastasia of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books - the architect of this huge plan for humanity

In his search for answers to the difficult questions, Vladimir Megre has become firmly convinced that the first important step on the way to a life of harmony for every family can simply be the improvement of one hectare of land. Transformed into a true oasis, this hectare should become a genuine family estate. These arguments form the basis of Anastasia's philosophical parables.

"A person is born on the earth, but where is his own little piece of that earth? Where is that person's little homeland?" asks Anastasia. "Where is the little heavenly oasis where a family can live for generations?"

"People, reclaim your homeland," she urges.

From many lofty platforms come appeals to protect nature, to be solicitous towards its riches, and to be responsible in the consumption of finite resources, but these appeals are no more than words, and do not essentially change anything in individual people or in society as a whole. Vladimir Megre's books though, are turning words into action. His plea to people to improve their living environment, set out in an unusual artistic form, has proved more powerful than the edicts of many authorities.

In countries where Vladimir Megre's books are published, people inspired by his ideas are forming associations to organise settlements consisting of family estates. They are people of various religions, nationalities, and social groups. The creation of these settlements heralds the beginning of the evolution of a way of life for human society. In Russia, readers of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series have already founded over 200 of these settlements [there are now around 1000 village settlements or more in Russia] and their number is increasing each year. Citizens of the Ukraine, Bellarus, Germany, and other countries are also joining the movement to improve their living environment.

"We are making these plots of land oasises for ourselves and our descendants." 

"Our countries will prosper, not only through scientific achievements, but also through the gardens of our estates." 
"We have had enough of waiting for favours. We have to provide a decent environment for our children to live in."

These are excerpts of the letters of readers who have been inspired by the author's works, and they are backing up their words with concrete actions.

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Who designed this enormous plan to save humanity from itself?


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