"The Priesthood". How was the magic trick done that took our land off us? - all over the world!

Here's some essential reading for people who are interested to see how the Black Babylonian Magicians #ThePriesthood took the land off The People back in 1302 using Pope Boniface VIII and the Papal Bull "Unam Sanctam".  Please see this article -

Roman Church Pope assumes ownership of all Land, People and Souls!

This is not the only conjuring trick that's been done over the centuries... As stated in this article, the "Cestui Que Vie Act (1666)" which was passed in London on the three days the Great Fire of London and which decimated much of the old city, was actually one of the biggest *literal* smokescreens in history !! This huge literal "smokescreen" hid the fact of the EVIL that was being done in the English parliament on those three days !!!!

>> The Cestui Que Vie Act (1666) - People Owned Under Old English Law

>> A Literal Translation of "Cestui Que Vie"

>> "THE MAGIC OF WORDS" - by Bronny NZ

>> Who IS "The Crown" Anyway ?? How We Got Conned !!

>> Admiralty Law and Temple Bar Symbolism in the Modern Court Room

>> A short history of Wars, Magick and Money 

>> Hikoi: Maori and Pakeha - a common problem

>> The Land is My Home

Domesday Book 1086 William the Conqueror the French Norman (of the Scandinavians) confiscated all lands in England where the illiterate allodial owners of ancestral lands had to produce a legal Title of the land. If they could not produce the Title, the land was confiscated.

Oh yes... These old tricksters have been up to their magic and have been creating illusions for humanity to live in, for a long, long, long, long, long, long time !!

#BabylonianMagicians  #TakeBackYourMotherland  #TBYM

The illusion ENDS NOW !!  - with this generation !!

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>> Court Judges Stand Down in USA, the UK & Canada

>> Man's Case Discharged Who Allegedly Owed Taxes from 2013. Court Judge says: 
"I can't do business with you today."  [that's right] 

>> "I am the witness to the Name Fraud" - Kate of Gaia 2010

>> "Confusion of Being" series by Marcus on "Servant King"

>>  Black Magic - Humanity's perception is covered over by a "net" or veil 

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