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Here is my story...

Since 2011 I have been very active online educating myself and others about the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books. I have also been following world affairs that seem to have a relationship to the words of Anastasia in the books. I have put thousands of hours into a Ning forum (2011), Facebook pages and groups (since 2012), and two blogs that relate directly to this subject of reclaiming our land - Humanity! Take back your land! and this blog. I have never taken nor requested any money for this effort. However, the time has now come for me to take a different action, albeit reluctantly.

On the first Wix website I created last October 2016 called Kin's Domain Network I put in over 1200 hours on that website and project alone. This includes associated activities, emails, conversations and assistance I have provided people, free of charge. On the "Humanity take back your land" blog which primarily discusses the "free land gift" written into law in Russia on May 1, 2016, I ran hundreds of articles through Google Translate from Russian language websites, chose the ones that spoke to the subject, and tidied up the English so it would read smoothly for English-speaking readers. On that blog alone over the period of two months, there was another 500+ hours spent. Oh yes... there was a lot of 12+ hour days 6-7 days a week... Such is my determination for the education of humanity about what is happening in Russia. It is my determination that we will be able to use these Russian stepping-stones to achieve these same outcomes for our own countries. Yes !! It really is very exciting what is happening !! :)

As you can see, I am totally dedicated to the cause of getting this information out to the English-speaking world. The Main Stream Media propaganda machine is not going to publicise what has just been done. The restoration of the land back to the people is not part of the agenda of this world's controllers. Since it is these same "investors" who are the primary owners of the enormous news outlets throughout the world that controls public awareness, knowledge, and opinion, people would not hear about these events unless it was for small-time bloggers and website creators like myself. I am the only one I have seen so far who is consistently unpacking this information from Russian websites and getting the information out into the world. I am spear-heading the gathering together of an international network of people who are working towards the co-creation of kin's domains - space of love initiatives, in their own countries. We are information-sharing, supporting each other, sharing our ideas, and making introductions, etc... This is the "Take back your Motherland" project.

The "Motherland" project has now become very big, with new people approaching me directly on a daily basis. There are more branches and buds forming daily. I need two of me to keep up! Up to this point, for the last 6 years, I have done this work for humanity free of charge. I am no lover of money. I actually actively avoid money and recognise it to be (in the words of Ubuntu Contributionism author Michael Tellinger), "The very means by which we are kept in slavery." I agree with Michael 100% and actually avoid the gold of the slave masters.

However, my situation has been changing since the beginning of 2017. My financial resources have become even tighter, and as is the same with everybody, my living costs are rising. This is the normal trend when "growth" is demanded from an enocomy built on "usary" - an interest-based money system. It is this system which is at the heart of humanity's problem. Please see this article that shows the depths of the deception humanity is under. These problems will be overcome to a large extent when the people of the world do, as the people of Russia did since c. 2005 - that is: To push forward and demand of their government a FREE LAND GIFT of 1 hectare (2.5 acres) for every family who are ancestrally emotionally and spiritually tied to that land. Please consider Anastasia's words for one moment... "Take back YOUR motherland" - not somebody else's.

This is the purpose of my writing and the intensity of my effort - ultimately to free humanity from debt slavery. YOU are also a part of this effort... What I do for you is show you the information, the templates for moving forward, and offer you solutions of how to rally your own people together in your various countries. As you can see, this takes supreme effort on my part and very often 10-16 hours a day online 6-7 days a week, working for humanity. This brings us back to the subject at hand - "Support". My current situation necessitates that I call out to you who are using my services, who are engaging me in Facebook-Messenger conversations, who are feeling inspired by the information I have on my websites, to those who read my blogs and who use the systems I have developed.

These systems enable YOU to efficiently find people in your country and co-create together both online and in the real world face-to-face. It's only together with other people in your own country that you are able to co-create these outcomes - the FREE LAND GIFT 2.5 acres (1 hectare) for every family in your country. In due course you will see that there are provisos to the uptake of this gift as shown to us in the Russian model. Personally, I think this is sensible, but needs to clearly be seen as part of a 100-year transition. For us to get to 2100 successfully, people like myself are needed to shine our little small-glowing torch on a narrow path that is difficult to find... Here is where our collective efforts starts, by (1) getting connected to other people in your own country or State, (2) by keeping me online to help support people involved in this project, including new people as they begin their own projects for their countries. With your financial contribution to me, I can keep contributing to the greater good - researching and putting information in front of you to inspire and motivate.Bottom line. For me to stay here online and continue this much-needed work for the whole of the English-speaking world, I need to be financed. This is the harsh reality of the situation.

Do you want me to stay here and continue to help people develop projects in their own countries towards the establishment of their own family homesteads and villages? Is it important enough to you that I am able to stay online and help support people to lobby their own governments for the free land gift? Is the material I publish on my blogs and the contribution I am making to the world important enough that you would would make a small financial commitment to me each month through Patreon? By agreeing to this, you directly and personally enable me to stay online and do this work for humanity. Without your small gift every month, I return to slavery, and have my time, energy and skills harvested once again by the corporations.

I hope your answer to my question, "Will you support me?" is a great big hearty "Yes! We want you to stay online Bron. This IS important work you are doing for the world." This is also how I feel about my efforts and contributions. This is why I have remained online doing this work for no financial return for the last 6 years... because this work is far too important to just drop like a hot potato. Are you going to drop my request for support like a hot potato? - or are you "in it to win it" as I am, for the full Awakening of humanity to the new economic possibilities and political solutions that Anastasia has shown us in the Ringing Cedars books? We no longer need to be tied with our "death pledge" to a mortgage - This is the trap of the banksters which keeps us in debt slavery for our whole working lives. Is my effort on these fronts intense and focussed enough that you would gift me $3 a month on Patreon, to say "Thank you Bron for your good work. I want to keep you here online and working for humanity." This is what your monthly donation achieves.

Together, we are changing the world. Together, we are tearing down conventional ways of thinking and we ARE "shifting the paradigm" for every living being who "accidentally" bumps into this material. This is where the change starts - in people's hearts and minds. While people are still holding onto the old paradigms of humanity's former ways of thinking, we are collectively left with what we have always had - debt servitude. This is what the likes of myself and others are here to shift. This is why people like myself need to be paid from the purse of the people - because it is YOU who we work for. The information I have and the message I carry is unique, as it focuses on the words and teachings of Anastasia of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books while keeping an eye on our very rapidly changing eco-political and social landscape. Up to this point, I have given my talents freely to the world, and gladly. The time has come where this needs to change. What is the value you personally give to the work I do? Will you support me so I can keep on being here? My ability to continue this work really does depend on the decision you are going to make in the next 30 seconds...Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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