Friday, 22 September 2017

Application instructions: "Motherland Party" Facebook group

Attention to all new applicants of  the Motherland Party - International. Kin's domains Facebook group
  1. Please answer the questionnaire when you apply to the group. This helps us get to know each other better - our skills and talents and how we can work together. You will also be linked to other people who live in your country. This facilitates your being able to work with each other. 
  2. Part of my rationale on you needing to reply on the questionnaire is this: If people are not prepared to respond on an application form, then neither will they be prepared to participate as active members of this Motherland Party group. 
  3. This is not a group for tourists. We're here to do a job. I'm not prepared to do all the heavy lifting while people just look on... I know that other people who are active will probably feel the same way. Therefore: If you do want to become a member on this group, please fill out the questionnaire. 
  4. If you haven't filled out the questionnaire within 2 days, your application will be declined. You are welcome to re-apply again at any time. You still need to fill out the questionnaire when you re-apply.
  5. You must have read at least four of the Ringing Cedars of Russia books to be eligible to participate in this group. If you haven't read the books, you won't know what on earth we are talking about. It's essential that you have read four of them, and preferably more.
  6. There may be leniency on this point for people who are already working in projects around the world that are solving issues ranging from the #BankingCabal to the #ImmigrationCrisis in Europe. 
  7. This is not a 'training' or 'discussion' group. I do not want to spend any time at all (ideally) discussing opinions with Members on this group about what is going on in the world. It is up to you to get your education on these topics before you get here. 
  8. This group is about planning and taking action towards co-creating and presenting legislation in our countries that returns the land back to the people.  
  9. If you still wish to participate in this Motherland Party group after reading at least four books in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, please request to this group again and answer the questionnaire. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Bronwyn Llewellyn
Operations manager

Take back your Motherland - Kin's domains international​

Motherland Party - International. Kin's domains.​

Update October 20, 2017

I am very saddened to report that due to a lack of response on the group, I have left my own Facebook group. That's right... I found out why everybody had come to the group within that first month - to watch me working.  Nobody was helping me with what needs to get done to set up the Motherland Party. I find this highly indicative.

So I left !!  The group still exists and is being administered by somebody else. I guess when people are ready to help each other on that group, they will. You're still welcome to join there - but i'm off up the road, sleeves rolled up, and already co-creating with Anastasia the vision of the Motherland Party becoming manifest, the whole world over.

After a very rough fortnight on Facebook, i'm also in the process of withdrawing my energies from the Facebook platform all together.  I've set up a Motherland Party group on MeWe where you can find me also. My expectations for the MeWe Motherland Party are much less than what they were for the Facebook MP group. Essentially, i'm just going to share posts on the MeWe group. If people want to work with me in a very focused and concerted way, please leave correspondence in Comments below or in Messages on MeWe.  Your correspondence won't get published - unless it is of general public interest. Anything that you want to keep private, please clearly label: "PRIVATE".

Thank you,

From Bron - conceptual architect @ the "Kin's Domain Network International" and the "Motherland Party International".

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