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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: The Rise and Fall of Globalization

Published February 21, 2019

The heart of the matter lies at 38:35 on Dr Steve's lecture. I would conjecture that if you want to understand the "Motherland Party" ("Native Party" in Russian) as envisaged by Anastasia, 38:35 would be a very good place to start.

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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Open letter to Vladimir Megre regarding the current Muslim "asylum seeker" crisis in Europe and Sweden

Denmark 2016. Caption: "No democracy. We want just Islam."

For people living in Russia and other parts of the world, thinking about millions of asylum seekers entering Europe since 2002 is not what you think it is. In August 2015, Angela Merkel opened the floodgates and let any people from the Middle East and Africa enter Europe. None of them were checked and vetted. Even ISIS fighters freely have been moving between the Middle East conflict and Europe. As soon as they go back to Europe, they once again apply for an unemployment benefit, and start living off the Swedish, German and French welfare systems.

All of this is in accord with the plan of the priesthood since the late 1800s. See Kalergi Plan (1922) on my main blog to see how insidious the priesthood's plans are.  These plans have now been thwarted.

For Sweden with a population of 9.5 million people, there were 163,000 "refugees" who crossed the Swedish border in a flood between August-December 2015. They did not comply with the Dublin Regulation which applies to asylum seekers entering Europe. 75% of these illegal border crossers into Sweden were men - they did not bring their wives, sisters, nieces or nephews with them out of the war zones. They left their women and children to face the bombing alone! It is erroneous to think the following about these people: "They came to your land only to escape the war" - quote, Vladimir Megre.  This is entirely incorrect for 80% of those people.

V Megre's life experience is not of a Russia that provides welfare assistance. You cannot "go on a social welfare benefit" in Russia. There is no such thing. If you live in the Russian Motherland, you work there, so you can eat. Therefore, V Megre's view of the situation in Europe (where social welfare benefits are freely given to these 'asylum seekers') will be very different in his perception to what is actually going on in Europe. Ie: There is much more to the story than just fleeing war zones!

Ref: I have seen Migrationsverket  (Swedish Immigration Board) statistics that reveal very large numbers of asylum seekers are not from war zones at all, even if they are from places like Iraq or Syria.

From the way most of them dress, they are not from impoverished circumstances. The fact that 80+% of them are 18-30 year olds, they have come (1) as an Islamic invasion force - the Quran tells them to overtake countries held by the "infidel" (that's non-Muslims) and, (2) to take sexual advantage of white women, as are now reflected in rape statistics. 

Note: Swedish authorities also very stupidly encourage this perception and behaviour to sexually molest white women. Swedish authorities in 2016 published a pamphlet on "how to have sex" written in Arabic that have diagrams of black men's penises entering white women's vaginas. This reinforces to culturally and religiously sexually conservative Muslim men how "free and easy" white women are - "whores", just like the Quran says. Thank you Swedish government for handing over your white young women and girls !!  Look up "taharrush".

The fact that 75% of these "asylum seekers" (125,000 of them) are men only with no wives and children by their side, we have to ask: "What happened to their wives and children?" Were they left there in the desert on their own to fend for themselves in the middle of an ongoing war of many years? Yes!! It would seem so! Do you in fact want this sort of inhumane man in Sweden - one who so easily leaves his women and children behind? The question must be asked.

The fact that over 50% of "unaccompanied children" (a category of asylum seeking where the immigrant needs to be younger than 18 years), are in fact "bearded children" (18 years old and older). If the correct tests were allowed by the Swedish population in general and by Swedish authorities, it would be shown that these Muslim men to be liars! This immediately tells you that the character of these people will not translate into "good upstanding citizens". They are takers, not givers.

Therefore, I would say in conclusion that a majority of these men/asylum seekers are "economic migrants" to Sweden who come for free money from the Swedish social welfare system. We know this to be true. In a study concerning asylum seekers entering Sweden in the last 10 years it is found that less than 3% of asylum seekers ever find work.

There is also a matter of European Union law. The asylum seekers in every country that does not have a coastline with the Mediterranean Sea, are actually in those countries illegally, under EU law !!

The EU's own Schengen Agreement and Dublin Regulation stand opposed to each other. In one, an asylum seeker is to remain in the country they first arrived at and seek asylum there, eg: Greece, Italy, France, Spain would bear the burden. Because of Schengen, there are no borders in Europe. 

Why didn't the asylum seekers remain in Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary or Bulgaria? Because they don't pay free money out of the tax purse like Sweden does. 

Note: Sweden has taken billions of Euros in loans from the World Bank to pay this free money out to these economic opportunists, aka "asylum seekers". The burden for repaying these loans is now the responsibility of working Swedes. How do you think this is going to work out for Swedes?

Please pass this open letter on to Vladimir Megre.
Thank you.

What is the current situation in the Middle East?

The war in the Middle East has stopped, thanks to President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump being able to work together with President Al Assad. Asylum is no longer needed by these people who arrived from the Middle East, particularly since 2014, but would also include people who arrived since 2002. 

The CIA-funded war conducted "by proxy" by Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Nusra et al, (CIA armies) is now being rooted out. Hillary Clinton warmonger - Gone. Barack Obama who gave billions US$ to Iran in the dead of night, and is a warmonger - Gone. John McCain warmonger who was the US liason with ISIS, Al Qaeda, et al forces - Gone!

There's lots more to the story of the Middle East war - you possibly know it.

9/11 was an inside job and just an excuse for NATO and the USA-UK administrations of the time to go to war against Iraq, and destroy all of the Middle East. This was part of the plan of the priesthood since the late 1980s. The plans were leaked out by military personnel

The war is over. It is ended. The people can now go home.

A new day was begun on January 20, 2017 with the inauguration of Donald J Trump. Why do you think the MSM (propaganda arm for the priesthood) have committed themselves to such a huge smear campaign against him? Because, he is their enemy. DJT is bringing the priesthood down. Absolutely! 

There is no need to tell the "asylum seekers" who have entered Europe and other contries to go home. This is why ... Because Anastasia's plan is so perfect, that when countries around the world start to offer 1 hectare of land to people whose ancestors before them lived on that land, people of their own volition will want to go home. They will just want to go home. Nobody needs to ask them or tell them to do it. They will just want to.

This was always Anastasia's meaning. You see... Russia is mainly filled with descendants of ancestral Russians of the motherland up to 95% I would say. For Russians, defining "Motherland" is not a difficult thing to do at all. The same applies for Japan and many other countries in Asia who do not invite immigration. 

You probably know that it's very hard to immigrate to Russia. In an interview with Vladimir Putin, a Serbian journalist who had been living and working as a professional in Russia for 10 years asked when her application to become a Russian resident would be approved. She had submitted it 7 years ago! Putin just nodded and smiled, and said he would look into it. Of course he won't. Russia's immigration policies currently work perfectly for the Russian motherland.

When Anastasia says: "Take back your motherland" on page 160, Chapter 24 of Book 4: "Co-creation", she means what she says. She says "Take back your motherland" - not somebody else's. It's a matter very much worth discussing. 

See the chapter in English on my first draft website. Woodsworth & Sharashkin (editor) is the most excellent translation we have in English (2005). They even wrote a Revised Edition (2008) which is even more close to Anastasia's meanings, here > (2005),  

Please see the footnote for "Motherland", for "rodina" on p160 also.

Here is my opinion on what Anastasia's meaning is regarding "Motherland" >

Sweden is primarily for the Swedes, for many reasons, and especially when it comes to the matter of the "free land gift". It won't be offered to people who have immigrated - not even to me, a European from New Zealand !! And that's absolutely fine and I perfectly understand the reasons why. I am not ethnically, socially or culturally Swedish. I have 2% Swedish ancestry - that is exciting, but truly, this is not enough. 

This matter is one point that I am very firm on for the propagation of the Motherland Party policies in countries right across Europe - for the free land gift to only and reservedly ever be offered to people who have ancestral connection to the land for 5 generations or more - the more generations the better. More discussion on this point is needed of course - but you see what would happen to Europe if we started giving plots of 1 hectare to the immigrant population? Absolute chaos and disaster. Europe needs to follow Russia's lead on this matter. Ie: in the "Far Hectare Act" (May 2016), Putin and Trutnev clearly specify that the land is only to be for Russians. You have to be a Russian citizen to qualify for the free land allocation. This is a very good and wise ruling. Other countries in Europe need to make sure that their Free Land policy is only for people native to that land. We follow Russia's lead. 

Everybody has a Motherland - a "rodina" in the way that Anastasia means it - and that is "ancestral connection to the land".

Sverige is for the Swedes. Deutschland is for Germans. Lusitania is for Portuguese. It is where your fore-fathers and fore-mothers have walked. Only Swedes of Swedish heritage know that land, her essence, her smells, her stories, her songs, and the wonderful things she provides. Newcomers to Sweden for example, (myself included) do not know these things. People who have immigrated to another country have their own stories and songs to sing - and they need to resonate from voice to heart to earth to sky, and very likely in another land - their own Motherland. This is just the way it is.

Here in New Zealand we have the Maori people, and they have taught we colonisers a lot !! In Maori there is a word that is very similar in meaning to the Russian word "rodina". It is "turangawaewae". It has very deep meanings that connects people to "whenua" which means "land". Whenua also means "placenta". The Maori also have a tradition of burying the baby's placenta under a tree on their ancestral tribal land - their "turangawaewae". Therefore, "turangawaewae" means "where my fathers before me walked, and this is the place where I also stand. This is where I come and go from and always return to - my tribal territory and so much more. It's my heart land - My ancestral homeland. I am bound to it and the land is bound to me."

That is the meaning of "motherland" for me, "turangawaewae", according to my New Zealand sensibility and understanding. It's actually the same meaning in essence I feel, as Anastasia's word "rodina". "Motherland" is the place where my forebears walked before me.

eg: I have 5 generations of British people who have lived in New Zealand before me, so of course I could call New Zealand my Motherland... but my journey takes me to a place far away, to a place that actually stands in embrace of my return. I can feel her: Moder Svea... Mor Norge... 

Sweden is where my beloved and his ancestors come from - and it is Sweden that I now adopt as my Motherland. I immigrate there in 3 weeks time, exactly to the day!  I recognise that I will never be eligible to receive 1 hectare of free land when the Swedish government passes the law for the land to be returned to the people. My beloved will be eligible, and then he passes the land on to descendants after him. 

My purpose in Sweden is to enter political life, and to develop the Motherland Party in Sweden. It is strongly in my vision that native Swedes will receive back the lands of their ancestors that the priesthood has stolen from them over successive centuries. There is a political party that exists already in Sweden that I will be able to work with. I am looking forward to seeing Anastasia's dream become manifest, for the whole region of Scandinavia. That is my secondary reason for going there - to help Anastasia manifest ancestral farmlets all over Sweden... and beyond.

We remain true to her dream...

Sunday 23 September 2018

The people are doing this. It is not state supported until later!

Presentation for an interactive map of ONF on the topic of the estate Vladimir region 

Презентация для интерактивной карты ОНФ по теме Родовые поместья Владими... 

September 21, 2018
By: "In the Family Estate LesoSad"

Commonwealth of settlements of the Ancestral estates: Native, Good, Treasured, Peaceful, Sunny, Wonderful. Vladimirskaya obl. Sudogodsky district of 2018

Thanks to Irina Volkova and Konstantin Lipatov for help with the video material.

Monday 10 September 2018

Russian Free Land applications need a business plan. Why?


Russian people have to submit a business plan when applying for their 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of land in the Far East "Far Hectare" program. Why is this? Doesn't this idea rub directly against what Anastasia says? When you read the Ringing Cedars of Russia books, the best sense is to live on the land exactly as Anastasia says. Her plan is perfect. That really is the bottom line. So what about if you are in the 80-90% of Russian people who have not read the Ringing Cedars books yet?

There are 150 million people living in the Russian Federation. This 80-90% of people are the ones that the Free Land gift pilot is open for, as well as for Ringing Cedars readers, of course. Putin only ever rubber-stamped the Free Land 1 hectare gift idea as a trial. He is giving Presidential Envoy to the Far East Yuri Trutnev (whose wife is a Ringing Cedars reader), this one chance to make the free land legislation (2016) fly! If it doesn't work, then the plan fails. Ultimate success depends upon the success of the individual people who are applying - then the whole trial is a success and more parts of the Russian Federation will be opened up. Of course, Russian Ringing Cedars readers are among the people applying - but they are only a very, very small percentage of over all applicants. Therefore, the reality is this: 

Ordinary people who are non-readers of the books don't generally know how to live on the land (eg: the unconscious purchase and improper disposal of plastic packaging). These by far are the largest percentage of people who are applying for Free Land under the Russian "Far Hectare" legislation - ordinary people. They are not readers of the Ringing Cedars books. They are opportunists... These mainly urbanized dwellers don't know how to live together in a cooperating village where barter and trade is the backbone of that local economy, and they don't know how to work for no money - such are the blinders that the Priesthood have over people's eyes. There needs to be ways to make the transition.

I personally think Putin's stipulations to create a business, as built into the "Far Hectare" act, is a most excellent transition mechanism. That's all I see it as: a transition mechanism. Within three generations in the Russian Far East (or any nation's) program, such stipulation will no longer be needed. The children raised on the land will realize: If I don't get up today on this chilly Spring morning and plant these seeds, there will be no food in the storehouse for winter... or no money in the bank derived from my business as a tradesman/woman, craftsman/woman, in eco-tourism, in social service or as a health service provider, in agriculture/forestry, in raising animals/fish, or as a musician, artist or professional person. It will take a few generations for the urban-born to really grasp Anastasia's recommendations to the fullest. That's why I like this plan... Transition.

Alcoholism and drug use in Russia's very poor and very socially depressed Far East region is totally out of control. What do you think would happen if addicts were allowed to up-take 1 hectare in Russia's Far East if there were no impetus to do anything but keep shooting up? (ie: intravenous drug use). The Far East free land project would fail! Business plan needed. Therefore, i'm glad that Putin and Trutnev have been firm on this. The project will succeed because of this. This is how I see it: 

Optimum opportunities for success have been created... Because: They are not letting druggies, addicted prostitutes, alcoholics and no-hopers to come into these villages and ruin everything for everyone... The land is being made available to hard-working pioneers and business-minded people. It makes great sense. Please see the Russian language music video below for a glimpse into Russia's alcoholism epidemic.  

Alcoholism was a problem for all Nordic countries I think - until well after WW2. Sweden's solution to freely available alcohol? You can only buy take-home alcohol now from the State - from State-owned alcohol retail outlets. That's right! Unlike the USA and most other developed countries, liquor outlets are not privately owned. All alcohol sales in Sweden are State regulated - and it's not cheap, as compared to other EU countries. Pubs and restaurants in Sweden will be under strict licensing as they are here in New Zealand. ie: No alcohol gets sold in supermarkets or corner stores in Sweden, and the privately owned "liquor store" (drug store) of the USA is non-existent in Sweden. 

In Russia, the story is very different, as you see from the video. Drugs and particularly alcohol are freely, freely available. I'd suggest that Britain's alcohol culture is dwarfed only by Russia's. "Alcohol" is a normal way of life for many people in Russia. So imho... I don't think it's a bad idea that people commit to working on their land and create a business as part of the legal requirements to receive their free hectare. The Free Hectare plan in Russia IS after all being run under the auspices of the Ministry of Far East Development - and that is an economic arm.

Small businesses rule! And once people have figured out how to run a small business, then the whole region will flourish, and so will all of the people of the region... even the forgotten and destitute people.

All people will flourish.

I hope this explains things a little better for people who have concerns about this.

- BronnyNZ