Monday, 10 September 2018

Russian Free Land applications need a business plan. Why?


Russian people have to submit a business plan when applying for their 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of land in the Far East "Far Hectare" program. Why is this? Doesn't this idea rub directly against what Anastasia says? When you read the Ringing Cedars of Russia books, the best sense is to live on the land exactly as Anastasia says. Her plan is perfect. That really is the bottom line. So what about if you are in the 80-90% of Russian people who have not read the Ringing Cedars books yet?

There are 150 million people living in the Russian Federation. This 80-90% of people are the ones that the Free Land gift pilot is open for, as well as for Ringing Cedars readers, of course. Putin only ever rubber-stamped the Free Land 1 hectare gift idea as a trial. He is giving Presidential Envoy to the Far East Yuri Trutnev (whose wife is a Ringing Cedars reader), this one chance to make the free land legislation (2016) fly! If it doesn't work, then the plan fails. Ultimate success depends upon the success of the individual people who are applying - then the whole trial is a success and more parts of the Russian Federation will be opened up. Of course, Russian Ringing Cedars readers are among the people applying - but they are only a very, very small percentage of over all applicants. Therefore, the reality is this: 

Ordinary people who are non-readers of the books don't generally know how to live on the land (eg: the unconscious purchase and improper disposal of plastic packaging). These by far are the largest percentage of people who are applying for Free Land under the Russian "Far Hectare" legislation - ordinary people. They are not readers of the Ringing Cedars books. They are opportunists... These mainly urbanized dwellers don't know how to live together in a cooperating village where barter and trade is the backbone of that local economy, and they don't know how to work for no money - such are the blinders that the Priesthood have over people's eyes. There needs to be ways to make the transition.

I personally think Putin's stipulations to create a business, as built into the "Far Hectare" act, is a most excellent transition mechanism. That's all I see it as: a transition mechanism. Within three generations in the Russian Far East (or any nation's) program, such stipulation will no longer be needed. The children raised on the land will realize: If I don't get up today on this chilly Spring morning and plant these seeds, there will be no food in the storehouse for winter... or no money in the bank derived from my business as a tradesman/woman, craftsman/woman, in eco-tourism, in social service or as a health service provider, in agriculture/forestry, in raising animals/fish, or as a musician, artist or professional person. It will take a few generations for the urban-born to really grasp Anastasia's recommendations to the fullest. That's why I like this plan... Transition.

Alcoholism and drug use in Russia's very poor and very socially depressed Far East region is totally out of control. What do you think would happen if addicts were allowed to up-take 1 hectare in Russia's Far East if there were no impetus to do anything but keep shooting up? (ie: intravenous drug use). The Far East free land project would fail! Business plan needed. Therefore, i'm glad that Putin and Trutnev have been firm on this. The project will succeed because of this. This is how I see it: 

Optimum opportunities for success have been created... Because: They are not letting druggies, addicted prostitutes, alcoholics and no-hopers to come into these villages and ruin everything for everyone... The land is being made available to hard-working pioneers and business-minded people. It makes great sense. Please see the Russian language music video below for a glimpse into Russia's alcoholism epidemic.  

Alcoholism was a problem for all Nordic countries I think - until well after WW2. Sweden's solution to freely available alcohol? You can only buy take-home alcohol now from the State - from State-owned alcohol retail outlets. That's right! Unlike the USA and most other developed countries, liquor outlets are not privately owned. All alcohol sales in Sweden are State regulated - and it's not cheap, as compared to other EU countries. Pubs and restaurants in Sweden will be under strict licensing as they are here in New Zealand. ie: No alcohol gets sold in supermarkets or corner stores in Sweden, and the privately owned "liquor store" (drug store) of the USA is non-existent in Sweden. 

In Russia, the story is very different, as you see from the video. Drugs and particularly alcohol are freely, freely available. I'd suggest that Britain's alcohol culture is dwarfed only by Russia's. "Alcohol" is a normal way of life for many people in Russia. So imho... I don't think it's a bad idea that people commit to working on their land and create a business as part of the legal requirements to receive their free hectare. The Free Hectare plan in Russia IS after all being run under the auspices of the Ministry of Far East Development - and that is an economic arm.

Small businesses rule! And once people have figured out how to run a small business, then the whole region will flourish, and so will all of the people of the region... even the forgotten and destitute people.

All people will flourish.

I hope this explains things a little better for people who have concerns about this.

- BronnyNZ

Friday, 23 March 2018

FREE LAND LAW in Belarus in final stages. March 10, 2018.

Image and article  - "Belarus prepares law on patrimonial estates for adoption."
Friday, September 8, 2017. [there were some hold-ups. Clarifications needed]

March 10, 2018

"The concept of the law on patrimonial estates is being developed in Belarus," BelTA informs referring to Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusoi, who hosted citizens in the Council of Ministers.

The Vice-Premier informed that the concept of the draft law on patrimonial estates is in a high degree of readiness, a working group has been created that is considering this issue.

- In general, the concept is practically developed, now we are clarifying some specific points. In particular, the question of how much land to allocate for such estates is being discussed, "explained Mikhail Rusy.

The topic was raised by Natalya Stekolnikova, representing one of the largest settlements of ancestral estates in the country "Roses" in Volozhinsky district. In this settlement now lives more than 50 families. Natalia came to the reception to the Deputy Prime Minister with proposals to the draft law.

- We participated in the development of the concept of the law on patrimonial estates, worked on it for many years. Now the concept is being finalized. We see the potential development of the village with the help of such experience. This law is necessary for the land to remain forever for children and grandchildren, future generations of the family that this estate establishes. The main postulate is that the land should be transferred to the ownership and could not under any circumstances be sold, but could only be inherited, - explained Natalia Stekolnikova. At the same time, in her opinion, it is necessary to allocate at least 1 hectare of land for such estates.

Mikhail Rusy drew attention to the fact that it is very important that people come to the reception of citizens with such issues as patrimonial estates.

- They lie in the plane of development of the state, economy. People want to tidy up empty villages, unique places, develop green tourism, eco-tourism, lead a healthy lifestyle, and this is a contribution to the development of the country's future. Especially representatives of these estates - trained people, have a legal basis and very seriously help us, - said Mikhail Rusy.

Now in Belarus there are more than 570 people who consider themselves the owners of such ancestral estates. Especially a lot of such citizens in the Volozhinsky and Vitebsk regions.

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

USA Senate takes back their Economy! TAX REFORM PASSED!

The death tax will be entirely repealed !!

People will now be able to hand down their businesses and properties without being hit by huge taxes !!

Video. BREAKING: Senate Passes Republican Tax Reform Bill / 2 Dec 2017

Published on Dec 2, 2017

Video: President Trump - Senate passes tax reform bill

Published on Dec 2, 2017

President Donald trump held a brief press conference today before leaving for New York city to speak at a breakfast fundraiser. Trump answers questions on the senate passing the GOP tax reform bill. 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Maria Kaljuste. How do Europeans take back their Motherland?

Maria Kaljuste. Estonia.

Go to 2:30 for the beginning of this interview in English.
The interviewer is Jan Sjunnerson of Sweden.

Lördagsintervju nr 5 - Maria Kaljuste, i styrelsen för estniska konservativa folkpartiet.

Published by Svensk Webbtelevision on December 9, 2016

Translated from Swedish language by Google Translate: 

"Everywhere in Europe people are moving towards left-liberal elites and anti-national establishments. In Estonia, where both Nazi and Communist occupation was experienced, the Conservative People's Party EKRE wants to oppose new totalitarian and politically correct ideas from the EU, multiculturalists and Islam, and for national pride. SWEBBTV went to Tallin for a chat with the colorful politician and family counselor Maria Kaljuste. She is in the party board for EKRE and is passionate about conservative issues, an unusual perspective in Sweden."

Överallt i Europa reser sig folk mot vänsterliberala eliter och anti-nationella etablissemang. I Estland där man upplevt både nazistisk och kommunistisk ockupation vill det konservativa folkpartiet EKRE stå upp mot nytotalitära och politiskt korrekta idéer från EU, mångkulturalister och islam, och för nationell stolthet. SWEBBTV for till Tallin för en pratstund med den färgstarka politikern och familjerådgivaren Maria Kaljuste. Hon sitter i partistyrelsen för EKRE och brinner för konservativa frågor, ett ovanligt perspektiv i Sverige.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

The BEST thing about being on your Ancestral Family Land...

You don't have to think or say this ever again -

Get back together with your babies... 

Start lobbying your politicians for 1 Free Hectare of land for every family.

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