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"Please choose for yourself a place on earth that is friendly and that you like. This would be a place where you want to live and which your children would wish for - where they would also want to live their lives, and for their grandchildren also. You will be remembered with good feelings by them. Choose the climate of the place to be favorable for you. At some point take one hectare of land (2.5 acres) for this purpose." - Anastasia

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What is the "space of love" or "kin's domain" that Anastasia talks about?

It is a piece of land for a permanent family home, the size of one hectare (100m x 100m) on which your family can build a house, plant trees for the production of your own wood, an orchard for fruit, various gardens and plantings for food and enjoyment, and for the provision of a large a pond - for recreation and to develop a small fishery if this is what your family would like. The perimeter of your ancestral family home or in the original Russian, your "rodovoe pomestie" is shielded by hedges of forest plantations - cedars, coniferous and deciduous trees, berries and shrubs.

Note: This land is never to be sold. This land is bequeathed generation upon generation. That is why this land is called "ancestral family land".  The land is not a "commodity" - it is your generational family land. The land and everything on it absorbs the vibrations of the people who have previously lived there, who have planted, built and dreamed on behalf of their future generations - for what their future generations will enjoy. There are food plants that the tongue of your own family enjoys, there are activities the ancestors have made provision for that is suitable to their family's DNA and interests. For example, consider the different needs between a family of artists, mechanics, astronomers, musicians, crafts people or who love keeping animals. - Bronwyn Llewellyn, blog author.

The possession of this "family land" is the solution of many problems that are faced every day by people all over the world. There is a comfortable accommodation built with a decent living space that functions well for your own needs - ie: where there is enough space for humans, animals, and plants. It is an organization of living space based on the principle of "everything at hand".

For the owners of the family estate - "rodovoe pomestie" there is no need to accumulate "prepper supplies" in the cellar or hastily go to the country for the "end of the world" scenario so many talk about. In separate places around the estate, you plant your potatoes, have places of enjoyment where you can just breathe in the forest air and you have a body of water in which to swim in hot weather, and in very cold climates you could ice-skate there.

Source  - Settlement "Big Dipper" , Chelyabinsk region in the Russian Federation

How can I learn about setting up a family homestead?

For each family, problems will resolve themselves. The ancestral home can be a place for a family vacation, a place to work with the cultivation of agricultural products, the place of permanent residence for a family. If the settlement is located in the suburbs of a greater city area, you could still work in the city.

Is the land for speculative use, eg: for developers or investors?

The family estate is purposely designed to strengthen the family and the preservation of family traditions, communication with the creative energies and ancestral memory. Therefore, the main feature of the family estate is its special legal status. That is: You can not sell the estate, pledge it or trade it for anything else. You can only pass it on through inheritance. The land where you create your family estate can only be an inherited possession. You can not have more than one family estate for single family, but you can have other land plots allocated for collective economic or other activities.     Source

What is the "family ancestral land village" aka "kin's domain village"?

This is a group of closely located family estates whose owners are united in a common partnership for the joint construction of settlement-related infrastructure: administrative, educational, medical, cultural, sports and other public facilities and institutions.

What is the difference between the "family land" settlements and those generically called "ecovillage" settlements?

The most expensive part of financing modern eco-village settlements is for the centralized support systems - kilometers of trenches, pipes, wires, poles for hundreds of power lines, etc. The main different feature family land villages is the autonomy of each family. Eg: there is autonomy for electricity generation for whatever is pleasing to that individual family. These days, electricity can be provided by many different sorts of technologies such as minivetro- minigidro-generatory, solar panels, the "star battery" and other developments in the field of energy. In your home, you can use catalytic stoves, economical combustion, the Russian stove, and gas installations for heating. To keep the air in homestead settlements clean, it is necessary to eliminate the use of coal. In addition to this, there are many energy-saving technologies in house construction using alternative materials.

Source  - Settlement Pridannikovo, Chelyabinsk region in the Russian Federation

Is the "family estate" idea "a return to the plow"?

The family estate idea is a return to common sense.

In Japan only millionaires are able to own 3 acres of land. In Europe very few can afford to own one hectare, because the land is not so plentiful and is too expensive. In Russia there is the opportunity to create a family estate. The status of any Russian citizen who lives on his ancestral kins domain, his family land, is admired by the western and eastern European neighbor.

What is the main feature of these "family land" settlements?

For creating a village settlement, first of all you need to gather a team of like-minded people. And when people are united by a great purpose, dialogue becomes meaningful "co-creation", giving rise to its creation.

Are there currently Homestead settlements in Russia?

The idea of a family estate first appeared in 1999. It's been 7 years to establish family estates this far. To date in 2006, Russia has already created more than 1000 family estate villages.  Note: That is not family estates - that is family estate villages.  The biggest village in Russia has around 300 families in it. Each family inhabits 1 hectare of land (2.5 acres).

There are 339 villages so far registered on the Russian website in 2016. It has been reported that most villages are not registering on this website. I have also heard that family estates surround Moscow now - the landscape has changed hugely over the last 10 years. When one travels to Moscow these days, these family estates are unmistakeable - they are everywhere!

These are environmental settlements consisting of ancestral family land. All of them are at different stages of development. Settlement Native in the Vladimir region and the settlement Ark in the Kirov region have been running for over 5 years (c.2001). People live there permanently. The most active place for development is in the western part of Russia.

Family estate environmental settlements are established in Siberia. In the Kemerovo region there are more than 10. The best known of these are New Way,  settlement Siberian Cedar and settlement Red Kaltanchik.    Source


Your house

It's not worth the effort to spend too much and build a big durable house - this is the recommendation of Anastasia. Make sure you understand what kind of material you need for the house so when your grandchildren grow, it helps them to be nicer, stronger and of good will. And you now have no such material. Grandchildren will build their future wooden houses from trees that were planted by their elder kin, their grandfather and grandmother, those who my father and mother loved. That house will take care of them and protect them from bad influences, and inspire them to become brighter in thought. The great energy of love will live in that house.    Source

What is the hedge around the perimeter?

An important issue that can not be solved in the city and even in the modern cottage villages is the proximity of neighbors. You will often share a fence or wall with them. In the context of the family homestead village, there needs to be roads and paths around the site. The size of the trails need to be around 3-4 meters wide and the size of village roads 6-12 metres wide. When there is no structural fence with the neighbor, there are no boundary disputes.

Hedges where trees and shrubs retain their natural look, do not require special efforts in the future. The width of this "living fence" can be from 3-10 meters wide and with a height of 15-20 meters, due to large trees growing in these living boundary fence lines. In this case the neighbors "are not seen and not heard." The large trees growing up will provide protection not only from the wind, dust and foreign odors, but also noise. A tall forest of trees and flowering shrubs will not cause irritation to other people, as a high stone fence could. Planted with the hands of the family, a small forest in time will bring mushrooms, berries, nuts, and will serve as a home for birds and other animals, all which have a role in the ecosystem of the estate. If a number of people are growing such small forests, the potato crop will increase by 25-30%, vegetables - by 45-50% and grass - 100%.

So from this small description above, we see the family estate is in fact a forest clearing where members of the family live in a kind of "garden in the woods". Everything is available at hand which is necessary for life and family nutrition.   Source

A living fence

Instead of putting up a lot fences with rails and posts that will eventually rot, plant trees with bushes between them that are impassable. What a beautiful fence you would make. It will all be different and everyone will enjoy the sight. And for centuries the creators of these beautiful living fences will be remembered by your descendants. The "fence" can be fully enjoyed because no time is needed to take care of them or repair them. They simply "look after themselves" and additionally, they bring benefit. This is not only a functional fence but an aesthetic one. The fence needs to made of a variety of trees and plants - birches, oak, trees large and small, and some in the creative impulse of color, like a fairy tale. This is how you would make the fence.

Plant colorful trees. Birches, maple, and oak, and cedar. The rowan tree with clusters of glowing red color between them and viburnum. Cherries and lilacs even will be suitable grown there. You can think originally, so let your imagination create something marvellous. Watch each plant's needs as it grows in height, as it blooms in spring, and inhale the aroma from the plantings [daphne, rhododendron, lemon, chamomile grass] which the passersby can also enjoy. Observe how your planting attracts birds to itself. Your "fence" will be singing, fragrant, and your eyes will never tire of it. Every day changes in the halftone of its paintings. It flowers in the spring bloom and expires in a blaze of autumn color.

To quickly advance the project you conceive of and bring it to life you may plow a furrow along the perimeter of the site and dig, and put the plants in it. Once all the trees are planted, then plant smaller shrubs in between, and then bushes and finally seeds. After this has been done, fill everything in again with the earth to make it level. Don't ram the earth. String some tape along where the seedlings will come up as a signal for people to not walk there. Source

Source  -  a Russian family estate village website, Sotvorenie 

Plan your layout

Intuitively, one can feel what would be appropriate for your land. Just pay attention to what would bring joy to your children and grandchildren. The plan for your kins domain won't be "generic". It is as individual as yourself as the creator-artist. It's up to everyone to find what's best for them.

Enclose your vacant lot with a living fence. Plant around 25% of your homestead with a lot of different trees in it. Put these at the edges of the land that adjoins with your your neighbour. Plant shrubs and berries that fruit and flower in between. Allow for small paths to give access to food in its season. Fence off animal enclosures and plant vegetable gardens, but not so close to each other that vegtable crops get trampled if your animals get out. In the forest plant vigorous young seedlings and saplings close to each other. Think about keeping some small animals such as sheep, goats, alpacas, a donkey or pony, or a small milking cow that would produce milk, fibre and manure and who would enjoy eating your overgrown grasslands. Build a shelter for egg-laying chickens. Keep ducks, quail, pheasants, peacocks, geese, swans, as you would enjoy...

In the garden dig a shallow pond of around 50 hundred metres length. Among the forest trees, plant raspberries and currants and along the edges where there is more sun, plant strawberries. Back in the woods when the trees grow up, find some level branches to put a beehive up high but where you can still take honey from it occasionally. The wide-reaching arms of deciduous trees such as fruit trees and birches will shelter you from the hot summer sun.You will be able to easily enjoy the outdoors with friends or children if you create such a place. You will be sheltered from the heat and conversations can flow easily under such cover. Design your bedroom so it is suitable for summer and winter living. You will also need a creative workshop. You will need bedrooms for children and guests.

Think about how to bring delights of this life between the trees and bushes - places to sit, to picnic, places where children play; cosy retreats where couples can sit or lay down under the trees. Consider that mature trees do not allow grasses and bushes grow between them easily, so pay attention to the tall- and mid- canopy trees in your planning, and what plants will grow happily on your forest floor [eg: ferns, hostas, mosses]. Think ahead a long way for your future home living. You all need to ask your heart how to provide the right conditions for everything to come to fruition. Nurture and delight yourself and your children with this property. For people in the district who are in need of a host, you would easily bring them into a place such as this, give them sustenance and a pleasant place to lay their head.   Source


Parents should impart to the co-creation the three most important points, the three planes of being. Here is the first point of Man’s birth – it is called parental thought… Let anyone calling themselves a parent today remember when they conceived their child in thought, and what kind of child they thought of him as. What kind of life did they foresee for him? And what kind of world did they prepare for their creation?

Most people are conceived in fleshly indulgence. But Man, the image and likeness of God, should not come into the world as a result of fleshly indulgence. Now picture a different scenario. He and she build their splendid living home in love for one another and in thoughts about their future co-creation. And they visualize how their son and daughter will be happy in that place. How their offspring will hear its first sounds, its mother’s breathing and the singing of the birds, God’s creations. Then they will visualize how their child, when he grows up, will want to rest in his parents’ garden after a hard day’s journey and sit in the shade of a cedar tree. In the shade of a tree planted in love for him by his parent’s hands, with thoughts of him, in their native land.

The planting of the family tree on the part of the future parents will define this first point, and this point in turn will call upon the planets to aid them in their future co-creation. It is vital! It is important. And above all else it belongs to God! It is confirmation that you will be creating in His likeness! In the likeness of Him, the Grand Creator! And He will rejoice in the conscious awareness of His son and daughter.

Thought is the origin of everything….The currents of all the diverse energies of the Universe will unite in that spot where the thoughts of two have merged into one in love, where two together are contemplating a splendid creation.

The second point or rather, yet another human plane, will be born and light a new star in the heavens when two bodies merge into one – merge in love and with thoughts of a splendid creation – in the very place where you build your Paradise home, your living home for your future child. Then the wife who has conceived should live in that spot for nine months. And it is best of all if these months are the blossoming of spring, the sweet fragrance of summer, and the fruits of autumn. Where nothing will distract her except for joy and pleasant feelings.

Where the wife, in whom a co-creation is already dwelling splendidly, is surrounded only by the sounds of Divine creations. She lives there and feels with her whole self the whole Universe. And the future mother should see the stars. And mentally give all the stars and all the planets to her splendid child as a gift – something the mother can do all with the greatest of ease, something completely within her power. And everything will follow the mother’s thought without hesitation.

And the Universe will be a faithful servant to the splendid creation these two people have produced in love. And a third point, a new plane of being should come about in the space. Right there on the spot where the conception occurred the birth should take place. And the father should stay close around.

And the great all-loving Father will raise over the three of them a crown. … such a place would greet you with great joy… if your body should fall ill, it would heal the body. If your soul, it would heal the soul too. And if you were weary it would give you food and drink. It would embrace you in a gentle sleep and wake you with a joyful dawn.

But, as with most of the people living on the Earth today, you do not have such a spot. You do not have a native land – a Motherland – where the planes of being can merge into one. In such a union, a psychic reaction takes place in space. The whole Space of the Universe reacts to it – accepting the newborn and establishing an information link with him. In such a case the individual who is born experiences a complete connection with the Universe.

Source  - Settlement Otradnoe, Chelyabinsk region in the Russian Federation

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