Thursday, 28 September 2017

Free 1 hectare in Russia's Far East: The back story 1953-1990.

Josheph Stalin and Nikita Krushchev. 1938.

This gives you an idea of the mess that was left behind in the Far East region of Soviet Russia after Stalin died in 1953. The region has quite honestly been a mess ever since. The "Far Hectare" free land legislation that the President of the Russian Federation (not Soviet Union) signed on May 2, 2016 is probably the first truly great idea for the Russian Far East territory since before 1917 !!!

We send our light, our love, our energies, our rays to the Far East territory now... And visualize for the invigoration of the land and the love of the people's hands going into the soil... and for the whole region to be revived and beautiful once more.

Thank you  <3

The source of these text images is: "History and Demographics in the RFE" 
(Russian Far East)

by Susan F. Davis

Young Soviet girl tractor-drivers of Kirghizia efficiently replaced friends, brothers and fathers who went to the front. A girl tractor driver sowing sugar beet, August 26, 1942 (AP Photo)

Kirghiz (in red) in old Soviet Russia. Today we know it as "Kyryzstan"

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