Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Plan !! 2017-2025. Let's get moving !!

President Putin facilitates the "Space of Love" concept in Russia.

Here's the originations - back in January 2015. This is the point we need to bring our governments to...  "Education". Through we ourselves educating our politicians (no need for "protest" as such), they will see the wonderful plans that have been envisaged by Anastasia.

Aside: A little Latin first... "e-" means "out of". "ducere" means "to lead". This is what we need to do with our governments. They are not our enemies. We need to "e-ducere" our governments. We need to "lead out" the good in those individuals who can hear us, and bring them to the realization within themselves of what Anastasia's dream is. This is the attitude that is at the foundation of all our political actions.

"Education" - Real "e-ducere" is not force feeding. The hearts of the politicians we are drawn to, will lead them. Of their own accord, these politicians themselves will be 100% compelled to pass this legislation as soon as possible! It's true! #ScienceOfImagery Join with me. #CoCreation

We must find each other (the Ringing Cedars readers) in all of our different countries, who feel drawn to this political side of things... Hence, this group on Facebook...

We individually and in our own country's groups, need to start thinking of practical and on-line actions that will garner the attention of the public. This might be as simple as doing an interview for a local community newspaper in your city or town and talk about Anastasia's concepts. Start having regular monthly meetings with the people who are interested, in your local town or city. Keep advertising your meetings... more people WILL join you. And then as you keep doing this, ideas will come forward that are perfect for your culture and your community.

When these ideas come forward, please, please post your ideas and strategies here, below in comments (out in public) or mark your message "Personal". This is very important. I need to see your posts and messages.

If your idea and strategy is large, you can post a Word.doc in Facebook "Files" at the top of the two groups at the bottom of this article. I will then create a blog post on the "Take Back Your Motherland" blog (here) - and the whole world can see it.

Many people seen and not seen will also implement your idea for their community. By this one small action of taking the time to gather, to talk, to create an action plan for your small community, you are impacting the whole world !!

Yes !! That's how important you are !!

Do you see "the plan" now for international organization?

Being: Our ideas are local, and they are implemented locally. But as we implement our plan, there are 10,000... 100,000 people who are also picking up our plan, and who are manifesting our plan out in their community also.

eg: "Wednesday Cafes" is an idea that came out of Hungary. The community in Hungary are a great role model for us. Around 20 people every month meet in Hungary at Terra Animam kin's domain village, or nearby. This Hungarian community of people have now open-heartedly given their idea to the world... and Canada have embraced it !! (so wonderful to see). So we never know who we are going to impact and touch. Who would have joined together Canada and Hungary as working partners, right now at this very moment in time. But there you have it. This is just a small example of the wonderful synchronicities that are possible. These ideas will just organically arise... and other people will then pick them up, and they will also organically develop. Scroll down. Hungary. Canada.

No centralized planning committee is needed. 
Each country is autonomous. But by sharing our ideas, 
we all move together.

It starts with us. We are the early adopters. We lead the way. The English-speaking world needs us, and English speakers in other countries need us ... so let's get cracking with our actions and our ideas.

Let's start throwing our ideas out out into the world. Go to these Facebook groups or contact me personally by writing a comment on the bottom of this article. People need to start finding each other locally... The Directory is a very good place to start. Start asking who lives where on these groups and if there's not a Facebook group for that location, start one !!  And when you do, please make sure you let me know so I can add you to the Directories.

Russia has given us their idea on a golden platter. 
Let's get moving. It's time the West got moving !!! 

It took 20 years for Russia to get this legislation passed, from the time the books were first written (1996-2016). For English speakers, the books were first produced in 2005. This takes us through to 2025. We have 8 years people! Let's do it! Russia showed us how. Let's follow the Russian model. It all starts today, right now. It all starts with you.


Thank you all  💖💖💖

Facebook groups: 

Take Back Your Motherland International Kins Domains
Motherland Party International Kins Domains

All copy is original work by Bronwyn Llewellyn unless otherwise indicated.

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