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What is "Kin's domain", "Space of love" and "Rodovoe Pomestie"?

"Rodovoe pomestie" - 1 hectare of land (2.5 acres) which is handed down to the next generations of your family, into perpetuity. The land is never to be sold.

In English, we often call our family estate or "kin's domain" our "space of love". In Russian it is called "rodovoe pomestie" which means, "the place of my eternal family line". This is an area of land 10,000 metres square (1 hectare or 2.5 acres).

From this, you can see we are not talking about "ecovillages" but something much, much deeper. We are talking about "the place of your belonging" which you hand down to your descendants. 

It's a beautiful heartfelt place that you build and grow during your lifetime, and which you hand down to your descendants after you. What you are handing on in fact is the embodiment and vibration of yourself, seen and felt in everything you have created. The energy of yourself who has lived on that land, remains there and can be felt in a warm and loving way by the occupants after you. That land can never be sold. That land has no true value except for you and your descendants. 

This is such a beautiful idea that Anastasia has given the world. Please find out more about these ideas in the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books by Vladimir Megre. Thank you.

"Ringing Cedars" reader
Hamilton, New Zealand
First published May 27, 2016

The Russian translation for "Rodovoe Pomestie"

The Russian definition for rodovoe pomestie as being "the place of my eternal family line", was provided to me by Austrian "Ringing Cedars" reader Stefan Shin Veda. Stefan did a trip into Russia in August 2015 to see some of the 1000-odd rodovoe pomestie villages that existed two years ago in the west of the country. See Stefan's interview with Rita on her Russian motherland.  There are many thousands more villages now.

Each village has anywhere between 3-4 families living in a village with the largest having around 300 families. This very large village is in the Vladimir region (Vladimir Oblast) in Siberia near Novosibirsk in the south. It is the village where author Vladimir Megre lives. Anastasia says the ideal number of families living in a village is around 200.

These intentional communities are comprised only of rodovoe pomestie (individual family holdings). Prior to May 2, 2016 when the free land law was passed, rodovoe pomestie were mainly in the Western Russian Federation. Please note, the pins on the map that are solid green are merchandisers for the Megre family in Europe. These are not kin's domains villages in Europe.   

Rodovoe pomestie are scattered throughout Siberia and into the Far East provinces. There are now heavy proliferations of people migrating to the Far East region due to the Free Land legislation. There has been 40,000 hectares of land distributed in the Far East region so far. This is just the beginning. 

These are incredible and vast swathes of land on the same latitude as Washington State and all the way across to New England in the USA, all of Canada, all of northern Europe, the UK and and Scotland, and all of Scandinavia. The climate in the Far East region is comparable to all of these places. 

Vladivostok is a major shipping port which services the Far East region. In July 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the port a free port. A much easier customs and tariffs regime has now been put in place than what previously existed.

From the Russian government's point of view, the Free Land legislation is an economic stimulus package to revive and reinvigorate the lands that people have been retreating from in the millions, particularly since Stalin's death in March 1953. Perestroika (1985-1991) also brought a heavy load of problems to the Far East region - the opposite of what was intended.

Please see this link for more on the Far East situation 1953-1990

It is Anastasia the Siberian futurist and visionary who brings these ideas to us of a bright 21st century for the people of the world. It's a plan she discussed with author Vladimir Megre in 1995 and in his subsequent visits with her.  It is Megre's books "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" (10 books in total) that now bring Anastasia's ideas to the whole world. Please check your local library for these books. It is very possible they are there. 

All copy is original work by Bronwyn Llewellyn unless otherwise indicated.

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