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The Priesthood is exposed. Their reign of terror ends!

This image belongs to "I am Sovereign" on Facebook. In reference to this poster, I am Sovereign says:
NOW HOLD ON A SECOND I am not really saying kill them dead... (people have been reading this literally) 😕
Please read the entire article "Introduction to the Crown Corporation..." linked in the list below. Thanks.

Here are some of my articles off the blog: "The Enslavement Deception"

Who IS "The Crown" Anyway ?? How We Got Conned !!

Introduction to "The Crown Corporation" by "I am sovereign" on fb

Roman Church Pope assumes ownership of all Land, People and Souls!

Before you go any further in this investigation, please go now to these articles. This shows you what is actually happening, as shown to me by Creator - through a dream, a meditation, and an experience. All of these three things are interrelated. This will ground you for the bumpy ride ahead. The articles in the next section down can be quite "unhinging". Many are very difficult to read, and your mind won't want to believe that these things have actually been happening in our recent history, and over the past 7000 years. Please be assured that the conditions that have existed on planet Earth for the last 7000 years are now coming out in the open for all to see. These things are coming to a complete and final end! My own personal pursuit of seeing the end of this world's paradigm thinking (unexamined ways of thinking) and activities that we ourselves (you) have allowed to happen on this planet, are now coming to an end. We see it. We know it. We declare - "This is the end!" The following documented dreams and related meditation show us how the #ParadigmShift is happening now, right in front of our eyes. It's a beautiful thing... but the things we are being asked to look at now that the Veil is lifting, is very difficult. It's not nice... Not nice at all. After these four links, brace yourself (please read them in this order).The ride is going to get very bumpy !! :-/

Ascension's Song

Black Magic - Humanity's PERCEPTION is covered over by a "net" or VEIL !!

Meditation 22 Nov 2012. 22:11 Gateway Activation

On Board an Arcturian Light Ship - an experience

There are a number of other articles also on the Co-creating blog where the #Hologram (which is what this 'reality' is) shows humanity what is actually happening through the etheric field. "On Earth as it is in Heaven." It's a mirror. Please enter the keyword on the Co-creating blog: "hologram". This will bring up most of the articles in my "Messages from the hologram" series. You need to take note of the dates of publication for all of these articles. eg: In the article, "The Russian bear has broken the bald eagle's back !!", note the date - "3 March 2016". Therefore, the reference is to Barack Obama, not to Donald Trump.

I am about to show you Who the Priesthood is, in all its manifest forms, and the things it (as an institution and as an #Egregor) are capable of doing. These are the most pertinent articles on this topic I have on my blog. There are many other articles that I haven't listed here. When you're on the Co-creating blog, put these keywords into the Search box: ISIS, DynCorp ISIS, Kathryn Bolkovac, Senator Cynthia McKinney, UShegemony, Carlyle, Sheldon Adelson, Media lies, German reporter, In a nice little town in Pakistan, Bin Laden, 9/11, Bush, Clinton, Pedogate, Pizzagate, John Podesta, Immigration, Sweden, Rape, Muslim.

Following are articles off my "Co-creating Our New Earth" blog and maybe one or two other places. This is where it starts to get nasty.


The Holy Roman Empire 488 - 1803 AD

A short history of Wars, Magick and Money


EU: The Babylonian Harlot riding 'the beast'. The 'Justice' system.

Kalergi Plan (1922). European immigration: Time to rethink "racism".

Russian girl (13) gang-raped by Muslims for 30 hours in Germany, January 2016.

Are you ready to WAKE UP to the Black Babylonian Magicians yet?

Child Baby Sacrifice, Sex SLAVERY, drinking the blood, eating the flesh

Jewish Occult Rites - Goyim SACRIFICE at Purim, Passover and Hannukah

WHO IS: "Jesus the Sun of God who takes away the Sin of the world."

The "Apollonius-Jesus" question.

Awakening to the LIES of the Roman Catholic church

Here's WHY Catholic Priests get AWAY with SEX CRIMES !!

Canon Law: Why have British Family Courts embraced Vatican Canon Law ?

English Children say WEDNESDAY is the big day of SEX for them !!

Hampstead London England - Satanic ritual cult, Child sexual abuse #Pizzagate #Pedogate #HampsteadCoverUp

"TAKE ME TO CHURCH" Hozier - Satanic Baby Sacrifice Ritual Cult anthem


The Handbook of Human Ownership (very long - that's why it's at the end)

The end of the hegemony is on our doorstep. Before that can happen, all of these things need to come out, wide into the open! Thank you for looking. It's only when people look that the cabal will be defeated. "I am the observer". The only reason why they have succeeded in their efforts up to date is because: Nobody wanted to look. We are now at a "critical mass". Your courage to look contributes to the continued lifting of "the veil". Thank you for looking. Together, we are defeating this ancient priesthood. Humanity is emancipating itself - Purely through the act of looking. Be the observer - and you will melt this "illusion" completely away


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