Sunday, 1 October 2017

Catalonia - Catalyst for Europe. "Take back your Motherland"

Great news for the Catalonia! Amazing !!!  May this be the catalyst for the rest of the EU member countries to take action !!!  Here is why the time is NOW !!! Here is why we need to be sharing posts from this Facebook group and my blogs like crazy wildfire... Because (1) there are millions and millions of people out there who don't know that Anastasia has already designed a perfect plan for all of humanity #KinsDomains and (2) to give people this new focus and courage for their lives, to keep pushing hard against the Empire that keeps us all imprisoned as debt slaves!

It is a plan that is already in place, and as we see from the Russian example #RodovoePomestie, the plan truly is working. These Catalonians need to know there is a world-wide movement in the direction they are taking. Let the Catalonians know that they do not stand alone. Please share!

Anastasia said: "Take back your Motherland" - Chapter 24, Book 4, "Co-creation". Most peopel read these books and dreamily think of a time when they will be living peacefully and happily on their 1 hectare of land (2.5 acres). What many people don't realise who live in the New World - Americas and Australasia in particular is that Anastasia's words are an act of rebellion for many countries in Europe and the UK. These words are a call to the battlefield, a call of defiance, a call to revolution! The people who live in the nations of Western Europe and the UK know exactly the battle ahead. The #RomanEmpire #BabylonianMagicians and #ThePriesthood who have had it so good for the last 7000 years are not just going to "give" us back our land. We must fight for it, by whatever means we have at our disposals - especially in these Old Countries - the bastions of the old families of Europe who vampire off every worker and taxpayer throughout the EU.

This is the stand that so many people all around the world are going to be making over this next decade. We must stand strong. We must stand together. As "Anonymous" says: "We will never give up. We will never give in." Never has a more affirmative statement ever been made in the first decades of the 21st century. We also, embrace this sentiment.

We stand with you Catalonia - And we send out our rays to you now... a searing laser into the hearts of all the bad and wicked men and women and their agents who are not letting the people have back their lands. We sear into your hearts with the Truth of knowing  - "We see you" -  and we see you crumble to your knees in front of us crying, "We know... We know... You are right. You are right. You are right. The land is your Motherland. We sign it back to you. It does belong to you. We know the Empire stole these lands, all those centuries ago. You are now sovereign and are free to run your country as you want to. We trouble you no longer."

And they leave.
They have to leave. They have no choice.

Visualize this strongly with me now. #ScienceOfImagery

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  1. Update: 40 minutes after this post was made. I just finished watching NZ MSM news on TV. The Catalans have stated to the government of Spain that they WILL declare their Independence in 48 hours' time. I'd say that's probably down to around 36 hours by now, since NZ-Spain are around 12 hours apart. We need to STAND in our hearts and send Catalonia our ray (through the third eye ajna centre) to bring HUGE success for Catalonia. When Catalonia achieves what it wants, the ramparts of the old system (under the EU) #KalergiPlan can only disintegrate! It will be the end of the reign of terror over Europe. eg: These are the facts the EU has been hiding from the world (I had to put this through Google Translate to find it, and to create this article). "Russian girl (13) gang-raped by Muslims for 30 hours in Germany, January 2016."

    Article here >>

    Anastasia never ever said: "Buy back your Motherland" and thereby put yourself under the Death Pledge of a "Mort Gage" (meaning of 'mortgage' = Death pledge). She said "Take back your land". And she (as usual) is 100% correct.

    @ Take back your Motherland - Kin's domains international​