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Before it's news. September 2017.
Published Oct 4, 2017.

Hello Patrons,

We've had a very exciting month in September. Here are some "behind the scenes" views of what's been going on that have not yet been made public. These "Before it's news" newsletters are purely for my patrons on Patreon. As a "thank you" for supporting me, you get to hear first the projects and little snippets that are in the pipeline. I greatly appreciate your support. Here's our first sneak-peak retrospective for the second half of September.

The "Motherland Party" Facebook group is now set up.

I'm continuing to make very good contacts on Facebook. In September, I teamed up with a guy called Daniel from Portugal. Daniel is living on land where he has been for the last 10 years. Recently, he and his neighbour (both Ringing Cedars readers), found out that a lot of the land around them is under negotiation to be sold to a Corporate entity. This is in the pipeline and will take many months for this purchase to take place. This has motivated Daniel into action. Daniel has been loathe up to this point to ever be involved in politics, but after talking to him about their dilemma, he has conceded to try out political solutions. Daniel was my muse, and together we have now started the "Motherland Party" international core development group which will lay the foundations for Motherland Parties to be established all over the world.

"Take back your Motherland" blog

During September, I undertook a near complete refurbishment of a blog (this blog) that had originally had another purpose for the "Take back your Motherland" project, and gave it a new political twist. It's taken me many hours to lay a good foundation of what the "Motherland Party" is all about, and what our goals are. Now that this is set up, I can get on with reporting developments from all over the world.

Approach to politicians

There have been three approaches (that I know of) that have been made to politicians this month:
  • Sergio in Portugal gave a copy of "Anastasia" to his local Mayoral candidate. She was very receptive. We eagerly await news from Sergio about his ongoing discussions. 
  • Tomas in Canada talked to his Member of Legislative Assembly about giving people 2.5 acres of land and about the books. The Member was receptive to the ideas and said he will check out the books also. 
  • Bronwyn (myself) in New Zealand spoke to the leader of the Labour Party about the Russian free land legislation. She is very interested in finding out more and has asked me to email her with full details.
  • We encourage everyone around the world to do the same.

Land Lotto Australia

I am now connected to the administrator of Land Lotto Australia. In the month of October, we will get together in a number of Skype calls and dissect the whole Land Lotto idea. We have had an ongoing conversation in Facebook this week as an introduction to both of our ideas around "land allocation". I will be working closely with Land Lotto Australia. The ideas look sound and are fully embedded in Anastasia's teaching in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books.

North Africa - the Continent of Africa

I had a woman approach me on Facebook who works for an aid agency in the north African nations - Algeria, Libya and Somalia were names she mentioned. Her agency is trying to resettle people who have been made nomadic or homeless for one reason or another. She is a Ringing Cedars reader. She approached me to ask if I knew of any people in Africa who could help her forward the "kin's domain" ideas for these north African nations. I gave her contact information for a guy who runs a permaculture programme in South Africa who uses Anastasia's methods as a core part of his set-ups. She contacted me after speaking to him and thanked me so much... She was delighted at his quote which was way under the cost of what she had expected. It looks like the "kin's domain" idea is going to be injected into the Muslim world much sooner than we had anticipated.

Portuguese-Russian speaker

Six months ago, Sergio in Portugal put a call-out towards me asking if I knew of anyone who spoke Russian and Portuguese. I didn't but I told Sergio I would look out for him. Sergio is undertaking a re-translation of Book 4 of the Ringing Cedars series, "Co-creation". To make a more accurate Portuguese translation, Sergio had to go back to the English (Woodsworth, Sharashkin) translation to try to make sense of what the original Russian might have been trying to convey. Just one week ago, a woman arrived on our "Motherland Party" group who is a Russian-Portuguese speaker. What's the odds? They are now being teamed up for the final stages of Sergio's project. How wonderful is that? #ScienceOfImagery

Withdrawl of the English Marian Schwartz translations of the books

I have it on good authority from the Australian merchandiser of the Megre products Kemble Walker who is in direct contact with Russia, that the Megre family have decided to withdraw the Marian Schwartz English translations of the Ringing Cedars books. This happened in June-July this year. This translation of the books was released in December 2013. Ever since their release, there have been ongoing complaints to author Vladimir Megre (Russian speaker only) as to the inferiority of their quality. At last, VMegre has heard the people's complaints. It is unclear what will be done. Obviously, the English-speaking world is vast and we need a good quality translation of these most wonderful books. I will report updates as they come to hand.

That's about all for this fortnight. If I remember anything else of interest, I will let you know. Love to you all ~  Bronwyn

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