Monday, 30 October 2017

Resource for our politicians - New website in development

"The Way Ahead"

Settlement Silver Dew, Bryansk region, Russian Federation

I am creating a website called The Way Ahead where people from all countries in the world can invite their English-speaking politicians and policy-makers to. Sadly, it's tricky to add "Translate" to a Wix website, so it's primarily for English readers. The website has a small introduction on the Homepage then "News" and "Articles" sections. These sections act as a Directory to some extent, and are also put front and centre to spark general interest.

Settlement Silver Dew, Bryansk region, Russian Federation

Our members of parliament (in the British Commonwealth anyway) usually have "portfolio" areas that they are in charge of - eg: Minister of Housing, Minister of Defense, Minister of Social Welfare Services, Minister of Finance, Minister of Primary Industry, Minister of Education, and so on.

This is why I have a section dedicated to "Portfolios". This over time (as I keep developing this section) becomes a quick and easy reference to our ministers (members of parliament) so they can find information from the Ringing Cedars of Russia books that is pertinent to their portfolio.

There are many more portfolio areas to be added to this section. It takes a long time to build a website. Additional sections will be added as time allows and as the information is needed by our politicians.

Settlement Silver Dew, Bryansk region, Russian Federation

In the "News" section, news items from all over the world are featured that show:
(1)  how the world is freeing itself from The Priesthood who have been running this world's affairs since c.5000 BCE
(2)  how all of our countries are wittingly or unwittingly taking steps towards making Anastasia's dream a reality, within our lifetimes - for the Free Land gift to be passed in all countries.

Settlement Silver Dew, Bryansk region, Russian Federation

There is plenty of opportunity for other journalists and writers to join me on this website. In the "Portfolios" part of the website you can become a Member, and with my approval you can become an author also. This gives you the opportunity also to add your ideas from the Ringing Cedars books and help me to create content for "Portfolios".

Contact me in "Comments" below (unpublished) if you would like to become a contributor on Portfolios. Thanks, Bron

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