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Motherland Party policy thumbnails. Experts needed to write.

Building together. Kin's domain - Russia.

  • Following are what I would describe as policy "thumbnails".  Note: These were originally written on Facebook. I was expelled from Facebook on February 27, 2018 for my political stance re: "Nikolas Cruz is innocent" so you won't find any of this information on Facebook any longer. Fortuately, I created this article before I got expelled.
  • All of these are First Drafts and will be developed over time with your assistance. "Experts" are people who have detailed knowledge of a subject. You don't need to have a degree - just a good level of knowledge.
  • The following are not final policies, but are more like conversation starters.
  • Here's the thumbnails in situ that were on the "Motherland Party" page on Facebook.
  • All of these policy thumbnails are founded in the teaching of Anastasia who features in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books by Vladimir Megre.
  • I am the author of these thumbnails. 
  • Yes - It took me around 7 hours to develop these policies to this point and prepare them for publication. 
  • I hugely need the assistance of other people to complete writing policy for the Motherland Party. You don't need a degree. You just need to be able to speak to any of these areas from your own life experience, research and knowledge.
  • If experts in any area write one policy paper each, the job will easily be done.
  • As you can see, all of the topic areas need to be written about in full. All of these different areas need to be developed by various experts. 
  • You are the experts - from every country, from every language. 
  • If you want to write your policy in your own Mother-tongue, please do it. I can run it through Google Translate for a fairly good approximation of your original piece of writing.
  • I need your help to write these policies
  • This is not a conclusive list of possible topics.
  • Please add your comments and amendments in Comments below.
  • Please invest a little of your time and join with me to complete this enormous task on behalf of humanity. 
Thank you.

Please see Laura's policy on "Forestry" as an example of what a Motherland Policy policy could end up looking like, with your assistance. Thank you!

Please click on the images so you don't have to scroll down.

Position on the Free Land Gift - Ancestral connection. Families who have ancestral connection to a region for five generations or more will be the first to qualify for the Free Land gift in that country. This encourages people to return to their Motherlands.

Position on Culture - Heritage. Ancestral ties to our forebears are important. Our cultural heritage, tribal affiliations, customs, food, mythology, dances, clothing, music, songs, epic poems, oral histories are all celebrated

Position on Agriculture - Home based. 1 hectare of land (2.5 acres) gifted to every family becomes the cornerstone of all agricultural activity. This includes food crops and animal products. Surpluses are sold through co-operatives.

Position on Environment - Connection to the land. People have an inate connection to the land. When people occupy their 1 hectare (2.5 acre) family property, they become one with the land. The essence of the occupant is left imbued in the environment

Position on Civil Rights - Equal rights. Respect of all people. Every voice counts, every opinion matters. Education needed for "active listening" achieved through courses and seminars. One vote each at any age in kin's domain villages. Money doesn't talk anymore.

Position on Health - Organic food. The proliferation of 1 hectare (2.5 acre) family farmlets within every country provides large surpluses of organic produce. Urban and rural dwellers alike will be able to access cheap organic edibles.

Position on Social Welfare - Family land. Countries retain their Social Welfare infrastructure as it currently stands. People who qualify for the 1 hectare (2.5 acres) Free Land gift have the ability ultimately to be self-sufficient.

Position on Work and Pensions - Dual system. As a transition plan, work and pensions systems existing for the urban dweller will remain the same. For people living on their Family Land, most people are self sufficient. Pensions will not needed.

Position on Education - Tertiary education. Teenage education is self-directed and wholistic. Villages are enouraged to follow the methods of Mikhail Petrovich Shetinin, principal of theTekos School in Gelendzhik region of Russia

Position on Education - Infant education. All babies are born with an inate connection to Creator-Source. Babies will often be placed outdoors in nature to enjoy this ongoing communion. Natural acoustic music and singing is beneficial.

Position on Housing - Self build. All families are encouraged to build their own home. They will be advised by expert builders and tradespeople within their own community. Families will receive help to build their home at no charge.

Position on Public Lands - 20% public lands. A kin's domain village with 100 families will be established on approximately 120 hectares of land with 20 hecatres (50 acres) to be used as common land. The use will be decided by community vote.

Position on Economy - "Fractals" model. A well managed family property contributes to a prosperous village. Prosperous villages compromise a vibrant productive region. Productive regions make up vital, innovative, states and countries.

Position on Energy - Autonomous households. Families make autonomous decisions on energy. Passive solar heat-retaining buildings are recommended. Additional can be solar panels, windmills, wood burning cookers-heaters, free energy devices, etc

Position on Government Operations - Decentralisation. Every region, state or province has autonomy. Good governance of the regions is expected. Regional governors report to the Legislative House. Laws are passed to meet the needs of the regions.

Position on Foreign Trade - Close international neighbors. Trade is acceptable with close international neighbours. Countries are encouraged to diversify rather than to specialize. The needs of a country's people will largely be met within its own borders.

Position on Immigration - Self organizing. When all countries offer a 1 hectare (2.5 acre) free land gift for decendants of the fifth generation or more, people will naturally want to return to their ancestral homelands. Repatriation is ideal.

Position on International Affairs - Cooperative. Please see "Economy - 'Fractals' model." As every country is a larger version of the kin's domain villages within the country, so are the countries' relationship to each other - Cordial relationships.

Position on Gardener's Day public holiday - International public holiday. This is a day of introspection, gratitude and community. Walk alone in your garden barefoot in the morning, pick food to be prepared for a community gathering - late lunch. No alcohol. Dance and sing.

Position on May 1 Public holiday - "Far Hectare" legislation passed in Russia. 1st of May is the official celebratory date that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the FIRST Free Land legislation in the world. The actual date he signed was May 2, 2016 which was a Monday.

Position on Law and Crime - Peace Force. Urban policing will remain much the same as it is currently. In the 1 hectare villages, a Peace Force needs to be elected for general enforcement of the community's rules and to ensure safety of all.

Position on Defense - Standing Army. Every country has the right to defend itself internally and externally from any faction who would breach the peace or cause threat. Order would be established quickly through military intervention.

Position on Technology - Free Energy. Any and all means of free energy generation will immediately be released for public consumption. All patents held preventing this release are revoked. Any company may develop free energy technology.

Position on Transport - Carbon neutral. Carbon neutral means of transportation will be favoured. This includes solar, electric (eg: using hydro, sun or wind-generated electricity), cycling, walking, animals - eg: horse-drawn, donkeys, cattle, dogs, goats, reindeer, etc.

Kin's domain - Russia

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