Friday, 3 November 2017

Maria Kaljuste. How do Europeans take back their Motherland?

Maria Kaljuste. Estonia.

Go to 2:30 for the beginning of this interview in English.
The interviewer is Jan Sjunnerson of Sweden.

Lördagsintervju nr 5 - Maria Kaljuste, i styrelsen för estniska konservativa folkpartiet.

Published by Svensk Webbtelevision on December 9, 2016

Translated from Swedish language by Google Translate: 

"Everywhere in Europe people are moving towards left-liberal elites and anti-national establishments. In Estonia, where both Nazi and Communist occupation was experienced, the Conservative People's Party EKRE wants to oppose new totalitarian and politically correct ideas from the EU, multiculturalists and Islam, and for national pride. SWEBBTV went to Tallin for a chat with the colorful politician and family counselor Maria Kaljuste. She is in the party board for EKRE and is passionate about conservative issues, an unusual perspective in Sweden."

Överallt i Europa reser sig folk mot vänsterliberala eliter och anti-nationella etablissemang. I Estland där man upplevt både nazistisk och kommunistisk ockupation vill det konservativa folkpartiet EKRE stå upp mot nytotalitära och politiskt korrekta idéer från EU, mångkulturalister och islam, och för nationell stolthet. SWEBBTV for till Tallin för en pratstund med den färgstarka politikern och familjerådgivaren Maria Kaljuste. Hon sitter i partistyrelsen för EKRE och brinner för konservativa frågor, ett ovanligt perspektiv i Sverige.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

The BEST thing about being on your Ancestral Family Land...

You don't have to think or say this ever again -

Get back together with your babies... 

Start lobbying your politicians for 1 Free Hectare of land for every family.

Here > on The Way Ahead - Political solutions for the 21st century

Your government gifts you "Family Land" - 1 hectare (2.5 acres)

The foundational policy for the Motherland Party is for the return of the land to the people - to whoever feels they can become the guardian of 1 hectare (2.5 acres) per family.

These individual family properties cannot be sold. The land can only be bequeathed to a close family member. It is important that the land be bequeathed to one other individual, not a group.

The land is gifted to the people by its country's government (the foundational policy of the Motherland Party) and after 5 years of proving that you can "master" the land, only then will the Title of the land be gifted to the family. 

When the family have proved their claim, (by "mastering" the land), their property then comes under "Land Title held in Allodium" - Ancestral Land aka kin's domain.There would be no taxation or rates required for the land itself. Taxes would still be required for whatever is produced off the land or for any business of the family, whether that business is physically located on that land or not. ie: The 1 hectare of Family Land held in allodium is not a tax haven, unlike Allodial Law written in some countries. 

It would be up to every government to write their own law for Allodial Title as it relates to Ancestral Land (kin's domains). 

The new Allodial Title laws that a government writes for its country would need to take into account existing laws, that country's social, economic and environmental factors, and any other considerations that are important for that country.

The basic requirements for any new Allodial Title laws that are written need to be:
  1. Free land gift of 1 hectare (2.5 acres) per family. The definition of a 'family' is one or two parents (or multiple mothers or fathers where polygamy is legal in that state or country), and the children who are the issue (or adopted) of that relationship.
  2. The land is not taxable. No rates nor any other payments are required for services. All services and amenities are to be provided independently by the Title holders. Eg: water supply, waste management, energy - such as electricity, light, warmth.
  3. The land cannot be sold. The land can only be bequeathed to a close family member - usually a spouse or child.
  4. The land cannot be used against any fines or taxes - personal or relating to business operations of the family or any individual within the family, for example: as per current USA allodial law, "restrained for collection of taxes". Any such clauses need to be removed from any new Allodial Title laws that get written in relation to Ancestral Family Land held in allodium.

Additional to new Allodial Title laws there must be specific laws written for the Free Land Gift - in respect of "Ancestral Family Land Held in Allodium":
  1. The family must show continual Mastery of the Land. ie: The land cannot be left to go feral. Pathways between neighbours must be maintained and overhanging trees and shrubs pruned back as necessary. Any stacked wood, branches, timber or natural grasslands on the property must not be a fire risk. Animals may not wander so freely as to be a problem to neighbours - strong, appropriate animal enclosures are necessary at all times. The house on the property must be well maintained and kept to a liveable standard. All of these indicators and more, show "Mastery of the Land".
  2. A business needs to be developed on the land - This includes everything from organic and no-spray food production to eco-tourism, the trades, the professions, health services, community, animal welfare or environmental services, the arts, educational and training centres (eg: ballet, woodwork, karate, horse riding), and so on.
  3. Any activity that occurs on the land must be: (a) legal according to the laws of that country, (b) in accord with the foundational constitutional documents for that village of 100 families - eg: you couldn't set up a butchery or a brewery if the village is vegetarian or alcohol free, and (c) your activities at all times must be above moral reproach - eg: activities such as gambling for money, keeping animals in small unpleasant confines (factory farming) or willfully harming animals in any way, prostitution or pimping, oppression and abuse of any of your family members (including outright violence), or mass manufacturing legal (or illegal) psychoactives are all examples of activities that would most certainly be frowned upon. These "lesser infringements" would be dealt with by the village council, the wider village community, and if needs be, by the law enforcement officers of that state or country. 

The principles and ideas for the Motherland Party all come from The Ringing of Cedars of Russia books by Vladimir Megre (1996-2002) and the Free Land Gift legislation passed in the Russian parliament on May 2, 2016.

Belarus I believe, is the second country so far who will pass its Free Land Laws ever. They are set to pass this law some time before the end of 2017, by all accounts. The rest of Eastern Europe will quickly follow.

There is already a village in Hungary, a village in development in Bulgaria, a large village in development in Poland, two villages in development in Germany, a village already established in Italy, a small village with two families in Portugal, a large village just established in the Netherlands.

There will be other initiatives happening in Europe and around the world as well - I simply don't know of them yet. Villages outside of Europe include Satoshi Abe in Japan. As people move onto land, I hope at some stage they connect with me, and then I can add their project to the "Directory" on this blog.

All of these villages are NOT "eco-villages" in the conventional sense. They are all villages made up of 1 hectare of land (2.5 acres) per family, generational Ancestral Family Land. They are intentional communities based on the teachings of Anastasia as shown to us in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books.