Close bonds between family members produces happy, safe, secure and well-adjusted children.

The existing political parties of our governments are likely to become coalition partners with the Motherland Party in days to come. It's important to see what governments all around the world are doing to strengthen the family. The family is the cornerstone of any society - even in the animal kingdom such as with primates (gorillas, chimpanzees) and elephants. Where there are strong kinship ties, there is safety and security for all members within that society. When the family is strong, the whole of the country is strong.

Children need their grandparents. All children have the right to know where they come from.

These ideas are talked about in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books. The family is at the centre of Anastasia's proposals, eg:

(1)  Land: To establish kin's (family) domains - a small 1 hectare (2.5 acre) "farmlet" - a permaculture property. This ensures food safety for the family, opportunity for self-employment and family autonomy - as opposed to what happens in an 'eco-village' where the family's autonomy is sacrificed for the sake of the "collective". This does not happen in a "kin's domain village".
(2) Inheritance: Land is bequeathed to a family member once the resident/s of that land have passed away. The land can never be sold. The property can only ever be passed on by inheritance.
(3) Spiritual connection: The children are raised closely on that land. Trees are planted on the kin's domain land that the child can go and lean against, hug, lie under and commune with - during good times and bad
(4) Strong and intimate love bonds: A husband and wife (or his partner) can dwell safely and autonomously on their 1 hectare of land... their "space of love" as Anastasia calls it. The couple whose love-bond is so strong, makes other people and visitors and indeed, their own children, feel welcome there, because of the love shared between the couple who have developed their property together.
(5) Ancestry: The "Book of Kin" is a book that Anastasia says we all need to write for our descendants, so they can see our heart and mind as well as our daily-life activities. In this way, even our great-great-great Grandchildren can know us, and see aspects of us in themselves.
(5) Child-raising: Vladimir Megre devotes a lot of time in the books to describing Anastasia's way of raising children. Until we live on our own 1 hectare kin's domain, it's impossible to raise our children as she recommends.

Anastasia is all about family. Rather than the destructive liberalist ideas pushed by certain political and social agendas, Anastasia wants to gift humanity back, "The Family". Let's see what our potential future political partners around the world, say about this.

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Whatever our family looks like, we all have the same needs to be loved and live in a welcoming world.

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