Please Request to become a member on the group where you live. If you are an ex-patriate of that country or in the process of immigrating or moving to that location, please also feel free to Request. All images are linked to groups. To see more about the strict reasons for requesting to the group where you live or that is your motherland, please see this article.

Everybody is invited to join Kin's Domain Network - International 
>>  Recently rebranded "Take back your Motherland"

The USA group is a directory. If you want to engage in conversations, please request to the Friday night fireside group . The USA group is closed so people have some level of privacy as they are identified by State. Also, nothing exciting is happening there - only people getting connected to other people within their own State.  When you request to the USA group, you need to do two things: 

(1) Request to the group as you would normally
(2) Send a message to the administrator and tell them what State you are living in.

All people living in the USA are welcome to join this group:

Catskills, up-State New York, USA

Oregon USA

Polk County, Oregon USA

Canada - All people who live in Canada are invited here:

British Columbia (BC), Canada

Ontario, Canada

Nova Scotia, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

The entire African continent


New Zealand



All Australians

Brisbane, Queensland Australia

New South Wales, Australia

Byron Bay, NSW Australia

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