We need to return to our Motherland - for ourselves and our children.

This page is an index of other articles that will help you to engage politically. As I add them here, I will attempt to put them into some sort of a sequential or subject order. Thanks for clicking on this tab. This page is the heart of this blog. Thank you for choosing to take action.

Why do we need to become politically active?

Ringing Cedars of Russia readers throughout the West need to become politically activated. Nobody is going to give you land for free unless you give them some very good reasons why they should do that... There's a lot of reasons why your government wants to give you your land. In the proposal you write to present to your politicians, these reasons had better go right at the top. Just consider for a moment how much money your government is spending. When people return to their land, they become responsible for all infrastructure to do with their village... There needs to be a symbiotic relationship between the village and the state... Giving the people back their land makes very good economic sense. These are the sorts of points that you will need to write about in detail in your proposal to your government. 

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Start to find other people in your country

People from all over the world start to engage politically. The aim of the "Motherland Party" is to get legislation written that gifts 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of land to every family whose ancestors once lived on that land. This will happen in every country of the world.

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