Saturday, 2 December 2017

USA Senate takes back their Economy! TAX REFORM PASSED!

The death tax will be entirely repealed !!

People will now be able to hand down their businesses and properties without being hit by huge taxes !!

Video. BREAKING: Senate Passes Republican Tax Reform Bill / 2 Dec 2017

Published on Dec 2, 2017

Video: President Trump - Senate passes tax reform bill

Published on Dec 2, 2017

President Donald trump held a brief press conference today before leaving for New York city to speak at a breakfast fundraiser. Trump answers questions on the senate passing the GOP tax reform bill. 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Maria Kaljuste. How do Europeans take back their Motherland?

Maria Kaljuste. Estonia.

Go to 2:30 for the beginning of this interview in English.
The interviewer is Jan Sjunnerson of Sweden.

Lördagsintervju nr 5 - Maria Kaljuste, i styrelsen för estniska konservativa folkpartiet.

Published by Svensk Webbtelevision on December 9, 2016

Translated from Swedish language by Google Translate: 

"Everywhere in Europe people are moving towards left-liberal elites and anti-national establishments. In Estonia, where both Nazi and Communist occupation was experienced, the Conservative People's Party EKRE wants to oppose new totalitarian and politically correct ideas from the EU, multiculturalists and Islam, and for national pride. SWEBBTV went to Tallin for a chat with the colorful politician and family counselor Maria Kaljuste. She is in the party board for EKRE and is passionate about conservative issues, an unusual perspective in Sweden."

Överallt i Europa reser sig folk mot vänsterliberala eliter och anti-nationella etablissemang. I Estland där man upplevt både nazistisk och kommunistisk ockupation vill det konservativa folkpartiet EKRE stå upp mot nytotalitära och politiskt korrekta idéer från EU, mångkulturalister och islam, och för nationell stolthet. SWEBBTV for till Tallin för en pratstund med den färgstarka politikern och familjerådgivaren Maria Kaljuste. Hon sitter i partistyrelsen för EKRE och brinner för konservativa frågor, ett ovanligt perspektiv i Sverige.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

The BEST thing about being on your Ancestral Family Land...

You don't have to think or say this ever again -

Get back together with your babies... 

Start lobbying your politicians for 1 Free Hectare of land for every family.

Here > on The Way Ahead - Political solutions for the 21st century

Your government gifts you "Family Land" - 1 hectare (2.5 acres)

The foundational policy for the Motherland Party is for the return of the land to the people - to whoever feels they can become the guardian of 1 hectare (2.5 acres) per family.

These individual family properties cannot be sold. The land can only be bequeathed to a close family member. It is important that the land be bequeathed to one other individual, not a group.

The land is gifted to the people by its country's government (the foundational policy of the Motherland Party) and after 5 years of proving that you can "master" the land, only then will the Title of the land be gifted to the family. 

When the family have proved their claim, (by "mastering" the land), their property then comes under "Land Title held in Allodium" - Ancestral Land aka kin's domain.There would be no taxation or rates required for the land itself. Taxes would still be required for whatever is produced off the land or for any business of the family, whether that business is physically located on that land or not. ie: The 1 hectare of Family Land held in allodium is not a tax haven, unlike Allodial Law written in some countries. 

It would be up to every government to write their own law for Allodial Title as it relates to Ancestral Land (kin's domains). 

The new Allodial Title laws that a government writes for its country would need to take into account existing laws, that country's social, economic and environmental factors, and any other considerations that are important for that country.

The basic requirements for any new Allodial Title laws that are written need to be:
  1. Free land gift of 1 hectare (2.5 acres) per family. The definition of a 'family' is one or two parents (or multiple mothers or fathers where polygamy is legal in that state or country), and the children who are the issue (or adopted) of that relationship.
  2. The land is not taxable. No rates nor any other payments are required for services. All services and amenities are to be provided independently by the Title holders. Eg: water supply, waste management, energy - such as electricity, light, warmth.
  3. The land cannot be sold. The land can only be bequeathed to a close family member - usually a spouse or child.
  4. The land cannot be used against any fines or taxes - personal or relating to business operations of the family or any individual within the family, for example: as per current USA allodial law, "restrained for collection of taxes". Any such clauses need to be removed from any new Allodial Title laws that get written in relation to Ancestral Family Land held in allodium.

Additional to new Allodial Title laws there must be specific laws written for the Free Land Gift - in respect of "Ancestral Family Land Held in Allodium":
  1. The family must show continual Mastery of the Land. ie: The land cannot be left to go feral. Pathways between neighbours must be maintained and overhanging trees and shrubs pruned back as necessary. Any stacked wood, branches, timber or natural grasslands on the property must not be a fire risk. Animals may not wander so freely as to be a problem to neighbours - strong, appropriate animal enclosures are necessary at all times. The house on the property must be well maintained and kept to a liveable standard. All of these indicators and more, show "Mastery of the Land".
  2. A business needs to be developed on the land - This includes everything from organic and no-spray food production to eco-tourism, the trades, the professions, health services, community, animal welfare or environmental services, the arts, educational and training centres (eg: ballet, woodwork, karate, horse riding), and so on.
  3. Any activity that occurs on the land must be: (a) legal according to the laws of that country, (b) in accord with the foundational constitutional documents for that village of 100 families - eg: you couldn't set up a butchery or a brewery if the village is vegetarian or alcohol free, and (c) your activities at all times must be above moral reproach - eg: activities such as gambling for money, keeping animals in small unpleasant confines (factory farming) or willfully harming animals in any way, prostitution or pimping, oppression and abuse of any of your family members (including outright violence), or mass manufacturing legal (or illegal) psychoactives are all examples of activities that would most certainly be frowned upon. These "lesser infringements" would be dealt with by the village council, the wider village community, and if needs be, by the law enforcement officers of that state or country. 

The principles and ideas for the Motherland Party all come from The Ringing of Cedars of Russia books by Vladimir Megre (1996-2002) and the Free Land Gift legislation passed in the Russian parliament on May 2, 2016.

Belarus I believe, is the second country so far who will pass its Free Land Laws ever. They are set to pass this law some time before the end of 2017, by all accounts. The rest of Eastern Europe will quickly follow.

There is already a village in Hungary, a village in development in Bulgaria, a large village in development in Poland, two villages in development in Germany, a village already established in Italy, a small village with two families in Portugal, a large village just established in the Netherlands.

There will be other initiatives happening in Europe and around the world as well - I simply don't know of them yet. Villages outside of Europe include Satoshi Abe in Japan. As people move onto land, I hope at some stage they connect with me, and then I can add their project to the "Directory" on this blog.

All of these villages are NOT "eco-villages" in the conventional sense. They are all villages made up of 1 hectare of land (2.5 acres) per family, generational Ancestral Family Land. They are intentional communities based on the teachings of Anastasia as shown to us in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Resource for our politicians - New website in development

"The Way Ahead"

Settlement Silver Dew, Bryansk region, Russian Federation

I am creating a website called The Way Ahead where people from all countries in the world can invite their English-speaking politicians and policy-makers to. Sadly, it's tricky to add "Translate" to a Wix website, so it's primarily for English readers. The website has a small introduction on the Homepage then "News" and "Articles" sections. These sections act as a Directory to some extent, and are also put front and centre to spark general interest.

Settlement Silver Dew, Bryansk region, Russian Federation

Our members of parliament (in the British Commonwealth anyway) usually have "portfolio" areas that they are in charge of - eg: Minister of Housing, Minister of Defense, Minister of Social Welfare Services, Minister of Finance, Minister of Primary Industry, Minister of Education, and so on.

This is why I have a section dedicated to "Portfolios". This over time (as I keep developing this section) becomes a quick and easy reference to our ministers (members of parliament) so they can find information from the Ringing Cedars of Russia books that is pertinent to their portfolio.

There are many more portfolio areas to be added to this section. It takes a long time to build a website. Additional sections will be added as time allows and as the information is needed by our politicians.

Settlement Silver Dew, Bryansk region, Russian Federation

In the "News" section, news items from all over the world are featured that show:
(1)  how the world is freeing itself from The Priesthood who have been running this world's affairs since c.5000 BCE
(2)  how all of our countries are wittingly or unwittingly taking steps towards making Anastasia's dream a reality, within our lifetimes - for the Free Land gift to be passed in all countries.

Settlement Silver Dew, Bryansk region, Russian Federation

There is plenty of opportunity for other journalists and writers to join me on this website. In the "Portfolios" part of the website you can become a Member, and with my approval you can become an author also. This gives you the opportunity also to add your ideas from the Ringing Cedars books and help me to create content for "Portfolios".

Contact me in "Comments" below (unpublished) if you would like to become a contributor on Portfolios. Thanks, Bron

Friday, 20 October 2017

"The basis for international security and peace is regional co-operation between independent and sovereign nations."

What another amazing speech by President Donald J. Trump 
October 17, 2017.   

Please listen carefully at 7:20 where he says: "The basis for international security and peace is regional co-operation between independent and sovereign nations." How true. 

Nations need to come into independence and sovereignty before Anastasia's plan to "Take back our Motherlands" will work. Her plan is working easily in Russia. Which other country can you think of that is more "independent and sovereign". I can't think of one... Russia is our model.

In this video, Trump also lays out his plan for affordable medications for Americans - you're currently paying 2-3 times as much as anyone else in the world for your meds - and he also lays out his tax plan. 

See from 14:25 on this video... For workers on small incomes there will be NO TAX on income up to US $12,000 and for a couple, there will be NO TAX on income up to US $24,000.


Donald Trump truly is: "The people's president".

President Trump's Strong Speech to Heritage Foundation: "America Will THRIVE Like Never Before!"

Published by Based Patriot on October 17, 2017

President Donald Trump delivers a keynote speech at the Heritage Foundation's President's Club Meeting. MAGA 🇺🇸 Washington, D.C. October 17, 2017

If you can't see the relevance of this post in the light of the Ringing Cedars of Russia books, please consider these points for one moment...  How are you going to "Take back your Motherland" when there are:
  1. No strong borders?
  2. Loose immigration policies that causes social friction?
  3. Unclear immigrant status that allows late-arriving immigrants to take over your Motherland ahead of you? ie: Where an immigrant is considered to be a "legitimate recipient" of the "1 Free Hectare" in a country that is not their Motherland, because of the cucks who are in control of your governments.
  4. No strong government for you to present your "1 Free Hectare" policy to?
  5. A confused military who are more concerned about transgender issues than protecting your country's borders
  6. No strategic, solid, economic plan that strengthens your whole country?
  7. A president or prime minister running your country who is a banker? Kick out all banker presidents and prime ministers. They are looking after the corporations - they are not looking after the people of the country.
In short... There needs to be a lot of ducks in line before we can successfully present our "1 Free Hectare" policies to our own country's government.

Until our country understands that "the basis for international security and peace is regional co-operation between independent and sovereign nations," and exactly what that means, you will be pushing a rock uphill.

You... we... need to educate our governments on these points.


Thursday, 19 October 2017

Article: "Energy Vampires and Censorship" - See it on Patreon.

Here's my latest Newsletter on Patreon (excerpts): "Energy Vampires and Censorship." October 4-20. See the full story by clicking on the Patreon link.

Hello everybody - It's been a very rough fortnight. Facebook has forcefully put the weight of its boot on my neck twice in October... Two days after I got back into my Facebook Groups, I suddenly became blocked again... It took me two more days to realize that Facebook had completely suspended two of my Pages so they could no longer be seen publicly.

I then had to ask myself:
"Can I really be bothered with Facebook harvesting my energies any more?"...

Facebook is a huge population mind-control mechanism... You will probably be shocked at the extent to which this rabbit hole goes, as I was when I read this article two days ago.

Once Facebook started banning, blocking and censoring my Motherland Party posts... it is no longer a tool that I can use.

Many of us know we are being harvested, but have no idea to what extent. Most of us turn a blind eye to it. I am no longer turning a blind eye. I am out... Synchronistically, an email arrived which invited me to a social media forum that doesn't invade people's privacy, manipulate the collective consciousness nor sell OUR demographic and personal data on to big corporate business nor the NSA. More about this new forum shortly...

Please see this article on how Facebook manipulates the collective consciousness and uses all of us as guinea pigs in its social experiments commissioned by "big brother" ...

A further unravelling of this story was yet to come... This part of the story is about people's (Facebook group members') responses, reactions, and actions, and how they mitigated the affects of my being blocked and then banned... The realisation was a real kick in the teeth... a complete kick in the guts!

... You can only imagine my deep disappointment in the 1000s of people who read my Motherland Party and Kin's Domain posts every week on Facebook. Gutted!

... By week four of running the Motherland Party development group, I left my own group! That's right. I put the Administration role into the hands of one of the more engaged members of the group, and I got out of Dodge. People on that group were simply vampiring off me.


Why is this happening? Why are people in the West sitting back and watching, rather than geting on with the job of freeing themselves? Where on earth is the disconnect? I don't get it.

Why are the Russians making Anastasia's plan work, whereas people in the West are not even bothering to meet up with each other, so they can start to discuss the way ahead?

The up-shot of this triple-whammy is that I have decided to no longer feed Facebook... People who are interested in following my information and posts now need to come here >  (linked on the Patreon article).

Even though Facebook has been such a great platform, and will continue to be so, to an ever-diminishing extent over the next 2-3 years, Facebook's days are numbered. All the very switched-on people are leaving...

The thinkers on Facebook can see what Facebook is, and we are leaving. 

Are you coming with us?

That's my story... One of disapointment and realization on two fronts:

1) A garish and glaring reminder of what Facebook actually is
2) An awful reminder of how people are still slaves by consent

Bron  - Administrator and architect of the "Kin's Domain Network" international, and the "Motherland Party" international.  

Who are you? What is your tribe? Where did your fathers walk?

Stephen A. McNallen - "Asatru"

Red Ice Radio.  Stephen A. McNallen has been a soldier, a journalist, a juvenile corrections officer, and a schoolteacher. In 1971, McNallen founded the Viking Brotherhood, the first legally recognized religious organization dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses of Northern Europe. Today, McNallen is the head of the Asatru Folk Assembly, the preeminent Asatru organization on the North American continent.

Stephen joins us following the recent publication of his first book, "Asatru: A Native European Spirituality." He begins by clarifying some of the terminology often associated with indigenous northern European religions and traditions, and he gives an overview of the pre-Christian Germanic roots of Asatru along with its Celtic and Nordic connections.

Stephen explains the attitude of Asatru beliefs, which above all consists of an ancestral faith practiced with a sense of freedom as noble men and women who do not need to be saved. He gives emphasis to the essence of connectedness – to our ancestors, our decedents yet to come, our living kin, the Gods and Goddesses, and the Earth and nature – ties that hold benefits and responsibilities.

We discuss the savage Christianization of Germanic tribes that forced the abandonment of their natural spirituality and destroyed the importance of kinship bonds. Steve points to distinctions between the monotheistic father-God religions that view humans as slaves and property, and the polytheistic view of multiple Gods as kin and friends – Holy Powers that are part of one’s integral being.

In the second segment, we consider how the Viking Sagas differ from the Christian bible, and Stephen describes where Asatru draws a sense of order and strength and addresses the fundamental questions of philosophy from a collection of values and virtues known as the 9 Noble Virtues and the 12 Traits.

Then, we look at the themes of some of the central wisdom quest myths that teach the Odinic way of transcending and acquiring higher consciousness. We talk about the symbolism of performing rituals such as blót and drinking mead when recognizing the devotion, energy and insight received from the Gods and our ancestors.

Later, Stephen gives a rough sketch of the pantheon of sky and Earth Gods recognized in Asatru and how their stories have been passed down in different ways throughout time. At the end, we reflect on the significance of the reemergence of Asatru during this time, an awakening that offers a healing and revival to the European people who have lost their sense of identity and wholeness.

#Asatru #Tribal #Suehan #Suediti #Ostrogoth #Vagoth

Stephen A. McNallen - Asatru: A Native European Spirituality - Hour 1

Published by Red Ice TV on June 9, 2015

Monday, 16 October 2017

BELARUS government: "We support kin's domains development."

Settlement "Dew" - Belarus. On VK.

It's happening...

It's happening just as I visualized it would last May... That the kin's domains movement would flood out of Russia a pour West !!!! -  First into the neighbouring countries and then across the Baltic regions, and then down into East and Central Europe !!

It's happening !!!!!!!!!!

BELARUS. Published 14.10.2017 on V.Megre website.

"Belarus will support wishing to create a Family Homestead. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy, as reported BELTA correspondent."

Mikhail Rusy noted that the idea of family homesteads creating is gaining popularity in Belarus now. Many people wish to return to the village, where, for example, used to live their parents or just want to be closer to nature.

“The movement has received wide attention. We are preparing a report to the President, — Deputy Prime Minister said. — A lot of young people, people of various professions, wish to live with their families in ecologically clean place”.

Anyone wishing gets land in the villages in accordance with the existing legal framework: for private subsidiary farming or construction of dacha (up to 15 acres). “But if you want to build an enterprise for growing organic produce — it’s not enough. So now we meet with them (with wishing to create a family homestead. — Note by BELTA), prepare a report to the President to determine the form of operation, the size of these settlements, to give them a legal base”, — Mikhail Rusy said.

According to him, there are more than 570 people in Belarus who consider themselves the owners of family homestead. Especially a lot of citizens in Volozhin and Vitebsk areas.

It is possible Belagroprombank will provide assistance in this area, giving loans for construction works, purchase of equipment or buildings.
_ _ _

Image: Belarus Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy

POLITICAL MODELS for the West: Russian Federation, Belarus

There are around 45 Anastasia-inspired kin's domains villages in Belarus. The Belarus government has announced in the last 2 months that they are going to start distribution of 1 hectare of land per family soon. The laws have already been drawn up in Belarus according to what Anastasia says in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books. 

This is amazing !!

For people in the West... 

Now is "go time" !!

Get ready. Get organized. 

It's time to start organizing yourselves people !! Start finding other people in your own countries, start having meetings, work out strategies for getting this same law passed in your country as well.

Anastasia is not going to wave a magic wand for you... 

It's up to the people themselves to activate !! If you want the Free Land Act to be passed as law in your country, DO as the Ringing Cedars readers in Russia did.... DO as the Ringing Cedars readers in Belarus are doing. Go out and grab your opportunities.

It is up to ALL PEOPLE in countries around the world to TAKE ACTION for yourselves. 

Nobody else is going to do it for you !!

No magic wands. That's the stuff of fantasy.

It's time to open your eyes to the reality and see what Anastasia is really saying!

"Take back your motherland, people!"


Image link:

BELARUS. Kin's Domain law developed in September 2017.

"The concept of the law on patrimonial estates 
is developed in Belarus"  

Published on 06/09/2017. Translation by Google Translate.

In Belarus, the concept of a law on patrimonial estates is being developed, Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusyi said after receiving citizens in the Council of Ministers.

The Vice-Premier informed that the concept of the draft law on patrimonial estates is in a high degree of readiness, a working group has been created that is considering this issue. "In general, the concept is practically developed, now we are clarifying some specific points. In particular, the question of how much land to allocate for such estates is being discussed," he explained.

This topic was raised by Natalia Stekolnikova, representing one of the largest settlements of ancestral estates in the country "Dew" in Volozhinsky district. In this settlement now lives more than 50 families. Natalia came to the reception to the Deputy Prime Minister with proposals to the draft law.

"We participated in the development of the concept of the law on patrimonial estates, worked on it for many years. Now the concept is being finalized. We see the potential development of the village with the help of such experience.

"This law is necessary for the land to remain forever for children and grandchildren, future generations of the family that this estate establishes. The main postulate is that the land should be transferred to the possession [of descendants] and could not under any circumstances be sold, but can only be inherited," explained Natalia Stekolnikova. At the same time, in her opinion, it is necessary to allocate at least 1 hectare of land for such estates.

Mikhail Rusy drew attention to the fact that it is very important that people come to the reception of citizens with such issues as patrimonial estates:

"They lie in the plane of development of the state and economy. People want to tidy up empty villages, unique places, develop green tourism, eco-tourism, lead a healthy lifestyle, and this is a contribution to the development of the country's future. Especially representatives of these estates - trained people, they own a legal base and help us very seriously," he stated.

Now in Belarus there are more than 570 people who consider themselves the owners of such ancestral estates. Especially a lot of such citizens in the Volozhinsky and Vitebsk regions.

At the reception of the Deputy Prime Minister, four issues were considered:

"Another one concerned the work of ancillary households. An entrepreneur from Luban came, he has good suggestions how to make the peasants grow their products on the farmstead and sell it cooperatively. Belkoopsoyuz has already taken serious steps in this direction, in addition, individual entrepreneurs are engaged in this," said Mikhail Rusy.

Two more questions related to private housing issues. The Vice Prime Minister instructed the relevant services to understand the situations and come to some decision.

"This practice has been built in the Council of Ministers, and it seems to me very good, when we first study the questions of citizens who signed up for an appointment with us. So we can prepare, find out where the person has already applied, consult with specialists. It is necessary that the person to his question received a specific answer," - he concluded.

Article here in Russian language:

See the website where to make application if you are Russian, here...

I wonder if Belrus also has plans to set up such a website for their people?

#TakeBackYourMotherland  Take back your Motherland - Kin's domains international

TRUMP: Repeal of Death Tax. Cuts to small business tax rate.

Video: A Message from President Trump

Published by Mark Dice on Oct 15, 2017
An important message from President Trump on Making America Great Again.
America's economic revival:

1)  Lower taxes
2)  Bigger paychecks
3)  More jobs for American workers

14:05 Trump: "We are going to protect thousands of family businesses by ending the crushing horrible and unfair "Estate Tax" sometimes known as the "Death Tax". That is a tax that has destroyed so many businesses and kept those businesses away from your children, your grandchildren [from inheritance] ... We are working to end that tax.

Trump: Kelvin wants to pass his company along to his children, just as it was passed down to him by his father. We are going to protect small business owners and their families so they can continue to run their companies with dedication and love. We are going to make taxes simple and easy and fair for all Americans.

30:00 Trump: Our plan expands the Zero tax bracket greatly, expands the child tax credit, repeals the Estate Tax, cuts tax rates for small businesses to the lowest level in more than 80 years.

Please see the relevance of this in the light of the "Far Hectare" law passed in Russia on May 2, 2016. See this article: "Far East 1 Hectare held by relatives into perpetuity"

When Russians apply for their Free Land 1 hectare in the Far East district, they also need to submit their business plan. This is written into the conditions of the "Far Hectare" legislation of the Russian Federation. This is good... This prevents economic implosion. See these points 5-7 (below) on this blog article >> "Instructions on how to fill out your application form: Far East."

5. According Minvostokrazvitiya, to help everyone who is planning to start a business in the Far East on the Agency's website and on the website nadalniyvostok.rf placed on the use of standard solutions hectares.
6. Now, in particular, offered to review the business plans for the creation of the Far East nurseries for growing plants, the organization of farms for breeding of goats and cattle and others. Soon there will be a business plan for the organization of hunting leases and other activities.
7 The law allows you to get hectares on all family members. It also spelled out the possibility of collective applications for the organization of big business.

Please also see Trump's speech on November 3, 2016 on my website entitled: "USA. Donald Trump plans to repeal EPA tax laws re: inheritance of family farms and small businesses." ie: Trump is following up on his promise.

All of Trump's policies around inheritance tax and 
small business tax perfectly serves Anastasia's dream.

Be amazed !!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Motherland Party policy thumbnails. Experts needed to write.

Building together. Kin's domain - Russia.

  • Following are what I would describe as policy "thumbnails".  Note: These were originally written on Facebook. I was expelled from Facebook on February 27, 2018 for my political stance re: "Nikolas Cruz is innocent" so you won't find any of this information on Facebook any longer. Fortuately, I created this article before I got expelled.
  • All of these are First Drafts and will be developed over time with your assistance. "Experts" are people who have detailed knowledge of a subject. You don't need to have a degree - just a good level of knowledge.
  • The following are not final policies, but are more like conversation starters.
  • Here's the thumbnails in situ that were on the "Motherland Party" page on Facebook.
  • All of these policy thumbnails are founded in the teaching of Anastasia who features in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books by Vladimir Megre.
  • I am the author of these thumbnails. 
  • Yes - It took me around 7 hours to develop these policies to this point and prepare them for publication. 
  • I hugely need the assistance of other people to complete writing policy for the Motherland Party. You don't need a degree. You just need to be able to speak to any of these areas from your own life experience, research and knowledge.
  • If experts in any area write one policy paper each, the job will easily be done.
  • As you can see, all of the topic areas need to be written about in full. All of these different areas need to be developed by various experts. 
  • You are the experts - from every country, from every language. 
  • If you want to write your policy in your own Mother-tongue, please do it. I can run it through Google Translate for a fairly good approximation of your original piece of writing.
  • I need your help to write these policies
  • This is not a conclusive list of possible topics.
  • Please add your comments and amendments in Comments below.
  • Please invest a little of your time and join with me to complete this enormous task on behalf of humanity. 
Thank you.

Please see Laura's policy on "Forestry" as an example of what a Motherland Policy policy could end up looking like, with your assistance. Thank you!

Please click on the images so you don't have to scroll down.

Position on the Free Land Gift - Ancestral connection. Families who have ancestral connection to a region for five generations or more will be the first to qualify for the Free Land gift in that country. This encourages people to return to their Motherlands.

Position on Culture - Heritage. Ancestral ties to our forebears are important. Our cultural heritage, tribal affiliations, customs, food, mythology, dances, clothing, music, songs, epic poems, oral histories are all celebrated

Position on Agriculture - Home based. 1 hectare of land (2.5 acres) gifted to every family becomes the cornerstone of all agricultural activity. This includes food crops and animal products. Surpluses are sold through co-operatives.

Position on Environment - Connection to the land. People have an inate connection to the land. When people occupy their 1 hectare (2.5 acre) family property, they become one with the land. The essence of the occupant is left imbued in the environment

Position on Civil Rights - Equal rights. Respect of all people. Every voice counts, every opinion matters. Education needed for "active listening" achieved through courses and seminars. One vote each at any age in kin's domain villages. Money doesn't talk anymore.

Position on Health - Organic food. The proliferation of 1 hectare (2.5 acre) family farmlets within every country provides large surpluses of organic produce. Urban and rural dwellers alike will be able to access cheap organic edibles.

Position on Social Welfare - Family land. Countries retain their Social Welfare infrastructure as it currently stands. People who qualify for the 1 hectare (2.5 acres) Free Land gift have the ability ultimately to be self-sufficient.

Position on Work and Pensions - Dual system. As a transition plan, work and pensions systems existing for the urban dweller will remain the same. For people living on their Family Land, most people are self sufficient. Pensions will not needed.

Position on Education - Tertiary education. Teenage education is self-directed and wholistic. Villages are enouraged to follow the methods of Mikhail Petrovich Shetinin, principal of theTekos School in Gelendzhik region of Russia

Position on Education - Infant education. All babies are born with an inate connection to Creator-Source. Babies will often be placed outdoors in nature to enjoy this ongoing communion. Natural acoustic music and singing is beneficial.

Position on Housing - Self build. All families are encouraged to build their own home. They will be advised by expert builders and tradespeople within their own community. Families will receive help to build their home at no charge.

Position on Public Lands - 20% public lands. A kin's domain village with 100 families will be established on approximately 120 hectares of land with 20 hecatres (50 acres) to be used as common land. The use will be decided by community vote.

Position on Economy - "Fractals" model. A well managed family property contributes to a prosperous village. Prosperous villages compromise a vibrant productive region. Productive regions make up vital, innovative, states and countries.

Position on Energy - Autonomous households. Families make autonomous decisions on energy. Passive solar heat-retaining buildings are recommended. Additional can be solar panels, windmills, wood burning cookers-heaters, free energy devices, etc

Position on Government Operations - Decentralisation. Every region, state or province has autonomy. Good governance of the regions is expected. Regional governors report to the Legislative House. Laws are passed to meet the needs of the regions.

Position on Foreign Trade - Close international neighbors. Trade is acceptable with close international neighbours. Countries are encouraged to diversify rather than to specialize. The needs of a country's people will largely be met within its own borders.

Position on Immigration - Self organizing. When all countries offer a 1 hectare (2.5 acre) free land gift for decendants of the fifth generation or more, people will naturally want to return to their ancestral homelands. Repatriation is ideal.

Position on International Affairs - Cooperative. Please see "Economy - 'Fractals' model." As every country is a larger version of the kin's domain villages within the country, so are the countries' relationship to each other - Cordial relationships.

Position on Gardener's Day public holiday - International public holiday. This is a day of introspection, gratitude and community. Walk alone in your garden barefoot in the morning, pick food to be prepared for a community gathering - late lunch. No alcohol. Dance and sing.

Position on May 1 Public holiday - "Far Hectare" legislation passed in Russia. 1st of May is the official celebratory date that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the FIRST Free Land legislation in the world. The actual date he signed was May 2, 2016 which was a Monday.

Position on Law and Crime - Peace Force. Urban policing will remain much the same as it is currently. In the 1 hectare villages, a Peace Force needs to be elected for general enforcement of the community's rules and to ensure safety of all.

Position on Defense - Standing Army. Every country has the right to defend itself internally and externally from any faction who would breach the peace or cause threat. Order would be established quickly through military intervention.

Position on Technology - Free Energy. Any and all means of free energy generation will immediately be released for public consumption. All patents held preventing this release are revoked. Any company may develop free energy technology.

Position on Transport - Carbon neutral. Carbon neutral means of transportation will be favoured. This includes solar, electric (eg: using hydro, sun or wind-generated electricity), cycling, walking, animals - eg: horse-drawn, donkeys, cattle, dogs, goats, reindeer, etc.

Kin's domain - Russia

Sunday, 8 October 2017

POLICY FIRST DRAFT: "FORESTRY" by Laura Davis, Australia

Motherland Party policy. FIRST DRAFT.
SUBJECT: "Forestry".
Context: Australia. International application.
Date: October 10, 2017.
Authored by: Laura Davis, forester.

In Australia we have 125 million Hectares of land designated to forestry alone and a population of 24 million people. I think by petitioning the Australian Government to release these lands to the people for management the trees will be faster/healthier growing and pest/fire management would be inferred.

By taking back these areas first we are less likely to disturb indigenous native title, current settlements, farmlands, national parks.

1/4 of your domain must have a forestry allotment to ensure the family's wealth, I envision timber trees being incorporated into the living fences this way when harvest time comes they are easier to fell and snig the logs to the sawmill and they are at a far distance from the house. Trees falling on houses is an issue but having dedicated forestry workers within the community will ensure the correct pruning techniques are used and removal of unsafe limbs and trees is timely and achievable.

I have outlined the requirements for community skills in the Land Lotto Australia template which requires every domain to work 8 hrs a week at one of the required skills. For every 100-domain community there will be a sawmill + 4 sawmiller's, tractor + 1 operator, 2 chainsaws + 4 forestry workers, plant nursery + 4 nursery workers, a shop + 8 shop workers etc.

Trees will let you know when they are ready to be cut down and a 3 day ceremony around the tree will ensure all animals have left and are safe. This is also a time to reassure the tree spirit that it has a choice to remain with the timber to be adored for centuries by the people that will use it, leave the timber to return to ether or relocate to another tree to remain as a living tree spirit. Failure to do this can lead to bad mojo in the wood. Let us expand on these ideas and how to communicate with plants here too.

Please write lists of timber trees that grow with ease in your area and include pictures, descriptions, photos of timber and rough market estimates for timber sales of each species. This will be then distributed to the community's in your area through the permaculture education program specifically designed for your area as a part of your general land agreement. Send lists and ideas to Laura Davis

I love native timbers but exotic timbers grow well here too and nitrogen fixing species can be very beneficial to these already monoculture forestry systems that I plan on acquiring. Don't forget trees reflect the energy of LOVE.

Make It Better With Wood!

Please add amendments or suggestions regarding this First Draft in comments below.  If you are an expert in any field, we need to hear from you to write Policy Drafts for the "Motherland Party International". Thanks.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Russian kin's domains - the "national idea" of Russia, 2017

Masters of Russia 2017 A new way of Russia! Festival of Homelands - new type settlements Novosibirsk

Published on Sep 15, 2017