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We follow Russia's model. Become politically activated.

The Russian model of the "Motherland Party" can be adopted in every country of the world. - Anastasia forum.

RUSSIA. Results for the participation of the political party the "Motherland Party" in respect of electing deputies to the state Duma of the Russian Federation in 2016 - Published 09/19/2016

180 Members and supporters of the "Motherland Party" managed to collect 65,552 signatures in less than a week. Hundreds of activists collected signatures in 68 constituent entities of the Russian Federation by way of door knocking, street pickets, presence in crowded places, as well as during various mass events (concerts of amateur performances, festivals, galas, etc.). In the framework of the organized events, leaflets and materials were distributed that contained information on the main idea of the party's policies - the revival of Russia by allocating a plot of land for each family or individual desiring to create a Family Estate on it.

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180Членам и сторонникам «Родной партии» удалось собрать 65 552 подписи менее чем за неделю. Сотни активистов собирали подписи в 68 субъектах РФ путем поквартирного обхода, на уличных пикетах, в многолюдных местах, а также в ходе проводимых различных массовых мероприятий (концерты художественной самодеятельности, праздники, фестивали и т.д.). В рамках организованных мероприятий распространялись листовки и материалы, содержащие информацию об основной идее программы партии — возрождении России путём выделения каждой желающей семье или отдельному гражданину участка земли, для создания на нём Родового Поместья.

Russians publicise the existence of the Motherland Party in their local cities. - Anastasia forum

Reflections on the situation in the West 
Bronwyn Llewellyn, New Zealand
September 21, 2017

Ringing Cedars of Russia readers throughout the West need to become politically activated. No government, council, business operation, co-operative venture or individual, is going to give you land for free unless you give them some very good reasons why they should do that. Does this not seem logical?

When Anastasia tells us "Take back your motherland", her words are decidedly political. Anastasia didn't say "Buy back your land". Unless you have enough money to buy land in full, you would just end up again on the hampster-wheel as a debt slave - servicing a mortgage. This would hardly be Anastasia's wish for any of us.

For the first wave of settlers, some of them indeed might have to buy their land. By doing this, individual families and collectives of people in their countries all over the world are showing a working social and economic model to their government of how this model works in practice. The ultimate goal is to be gifted back our lands by our governments. This has already been done in Russia due to the stalwart political efforts of the "Ringing Cedars" readers.

➽ ➽ ➽

Why would your government want to give you

1 hectare of land for you and your family?

This is a very good question.

There's a lot of reasons why your government wants to give you your land. In the proposal you write to present to your politicians, these reasons had better go right at the top. Just consider for a moment how much money your government is spending on social welfare unemployment benefits and various other pensions, for roads, schools, health care, old people's "rest homes", prisons, police, parole officers, and so on. After returning the land to the people, much of this government expenditure (over time) would halve or even become non-existent.

When people return to their land, the villages of 200 or so families would then become responsible for all infrastructure to do with their village. This includes things such as road and bridge maintenance, provision of schools, health care and midwifery services, a fire service, systems for punishment of people in the village who violate that community's codes (eg: for theft or assault), and so on. All of these things become the responsibility of the village. From time to time, people in the villages might have to access public state services such as a hospital for necessary operations or in the event of a serious accident. So not everything can be provided from within the villages, but most of it could be. There would need to be a symbiotic relationship between the village and the state.

Imagine if these things no longer have to be funded out of the tax-payer purse. Suddenly, your country becomes very calm and happy, and moderately rich (people will still have to pay taxes for a few decades). The responsibility of the state to provide all services becomes very much diminished. This is what happens when you give people back their land. Giving the people back their land makes very good economic sense. These are the sorts of points that you will need to write about in detail in your proposal to your government.

➽ ➽ ➽

Right now your government is holding thousands and in some cases, even millions of acres of the people's land. It's not theirs to hold. Your government uses nice terms for holding this land such as "land banking" and will give you many excuses for why they need to hold onto it. These are just excuses and are based in the fear-control mentality that has kept humanity as debt slaves for the last 2000 years.

Your government can in fact, write new policy whenever they want. They do it all the time. New laws get pushed through in urgency on any day of the year in our governments. Every government has within its power to set up a land re-distribution scheme, just as they did in Russia from January 2015 (first announcement) until 2016 (signing of the law). At any time, your government can gift you back your land. It's just a matter of "political will".

Find out what drives the political will of your government (ie: what systems in your country are currently not working). The proposal you write will be very specific to solving that problem or those problems. Give your politicians a reason to give you back your land based on you coming up with solutions for the needs of your country. Give them very good political reasons for giving you back your land. I daresay in most cases, the government would agree to a pilot scheme - a trial. This is exactly what is happening in Russia's Far East region right now. This May 2, 2016 Free Land legislation is just part of "a trial", as stated by Vladimir Putin himself. At this stage, this is all we are asking our governments for - the opportunity to prove how beneficial Anastasia's plan really is - in political, economic and social terms.

➽ ➽ ➽

Here is the Russian online registration website where Russians go to apply for their free 1 hectare property (2.5 acres). When Russians make their application on this site, they also simultaneously need to submit a business plan for the business they are going to develop on their land. The business can be anything from eco-tourism to forestry, from bee-keeping to a dance studio, from an auto mechanic's workshop to baking loaves of organic pumpkin or potato bread, or the good old traditional Russian dacha purpose for land - growing organic fruit and vegetables in surplus with the surplus going to the local market - through your village co-operative. Anybody can grow and harvest fruit and vegetables. It is very easy. This can be your business.

Also catered for in the Russian legislation are businesses of a voluntary nature. For such businesses, the government pays those business owners a heavy subsidy. These sorts of businesses might include health services and midwives, ecological protection and animal welfare.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for his love of animals.

The whole world is going into transition. The keyword for the next 50 years is "flux". In 100 years, our "governmental" systems will be much more like "guardianship" systems, based on "service to others", not on service to self.

Once your government gives you back your land, they are saying "Yes" to all the people who are active, invigorated, who can grow their own healthy food and produce a surplus, who take pride in their creations, who can make stuff, conduct and participate in workshops, and so on. People become a part of something! People are no longer socially dislocated, living in isolated circumstances in a huge apartment building where they know nobody. This is very bad for mental health and is undoubtedly a reason for increased criminal activity - generally victims are strangers to the perpetrator. People given back their land are no longer spiritually disconnected from their Motherland, their source. In these Anastasia-inspired villages, people are wanted. All people...  They are loved, no matter who they are or what they have done in the past. Their skills, services and knowledge are now needed on the land, They are wanted and they are needed!


The government no longer has be a "nanny-state". People are moving out of victimhood and isolation are are becoming self-determined purposeful individuals.

- As Anastasia says, "I AM MAN" !!

You can only become Man when you possess your own land. See more about this on a great video series called "Servant King" (2013). Marcus unpacks for us both the spiritual and legal reasons why we need to own property. It's fascinating stuff. He shows us from a legal point of view why we have to "Take back our Motherland". Anastasia is absolutely right!

➽ ➽ ➽

When our governments give us back our land, this whole system gets completely turned upside down, which means that everything starts to come back into balance... People become engaged, active, happy, loved, productive. The are no more hungry tummies and the time of non-nutritional processed "food" comes to an end. The time of paying bills for our most basic utilities comes to an end since all families produce their own household heat and electricity, provide their own water catchment, and take care of their own waste.

Each home is "off grid". There are no centralized services in the village. Everybody provides for their own needs. There will be no more credit card debt and there will be no more loans. We will be Free Man living on the land, truly. The stresses of the 20th century will become a thing of the past - especially all of those terrible stressors around "money". Those days will be no more. All families will be able to live in peace and harmony with our Mother who provides all of our needs. When we live closely to the land, all of our needs are met. She is after all, our Mother!

Please share this article with your friends.

It's important that everyone around you knows about this Russian law and the resultant establishment of  the "Take Back Your Motherland" project. We want you to join us. We can all be happy and free.

Thank you.

Russian families on their kin's domain village in "Settlement Dobrozdrovie" in the Yaroslav region.

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