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Hi there from New Zealand.

It's Bronwyn here - Author of this blog "Take back your Motherland project", author of Humanity! Take back your land blog, of The Motherland Project website, administrator of Take back your Motherland - Kin's domains international Facebook group, co-creator and co-administrator of around 20 associated Facebook groups in this network, administrator of the Facebook page Anastasia - Vladimir Megre and compiler of the international Directory of kin's domains and contacts (outside of Russia) which assists Ringing Cedars readers all around the world to find each other.  I have now set up a new Facebook group in the last few days - the Motherland Party - International. Kin's domains.

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Note :  Even though the words used in the titles of these two Facebook groups are very similar, their purposes are entirely different -

"Take back your Motherland - Kin's domains international" is the home-base of the 20+ groups in the "Facebook" tab in the menu. This network was set up to bring people together in their own countries so they can co-create kin's domains and kin's domain villages in their own region, state, town, province. ie: It's all about establishing kin's domains.

"Motherland Party - International. Kin's domains" is set up to bring together people from different countries who are ready to take political action. This group is in its infancy. From that base we will formulate ideas, policies and strategies together, and then we will apply these things in our own countries, with the people around us locally. In this way, we move together as one, but independently in our own countries. I had to add "Kin's domains" at the end of the "Party" group because there has been a "Motherland Party" in Turkey which was very well known. I needed to make a differentiation.

I don't get paid to do any of this journalism work and nobody asked me to do it - except I do feel that Anastasia had a hand in there. I felt and "heard" the low mellow tones of a Russian woman's voice: "Bronvin... Can you make me a blog?" I immediately knew who it was, and said, "Yes". I know it was Anastasia who prompted me to set up the "Humanity!" blog to cover what had happened in Russia. That was around May 26 last year. Very simply, this was a job that needed to get done, so in fairly typical Kiwi style, I just rolled up my sleeves and went for it. This whole project has been much more than a full time job for me. In the past year, I have often worked up to 60-70 hours a week trying to piece together the various parts of this puzzle. The information wasn't handed to me on a silver platter. I've spent many, many hours searching for information and people online and in other languages, using Google Translate to find articles I thought must be out there, Once i'd found the articles, i'd once again use Google Translate to turn those foreign language articles (mainly in Russian) into the many articles you see today on the "Humanity!" blog. That is where the backbone of the research is. Practically everything we do on the "Motherland project" is based on my research of May-June-July of 2016. If I hadn't followed my strong impulses and done that work then, we would have no direction now. 

As soon as I saw that President Vladimir Putin had signed off on the "Far Hectare" legislation on May 1, 2016, it was "all systems go". I knew the signing of this Act in the Duma wasn't going to be covered hardly at all in the UK and USA MSM. I had studied in journalism a couple of years before, in 2014. This combined with my observations of how the media game is played let me know that the MSM would never publicise what had actually happened in Russia, and what the implications are. The UK media purposely misreported the information, and led people up the garden path, ie: Putin never wanted to give free land to people in the UK - not ever! All of that was a smoke screen to hide the truth - that a government in the world was prepared to do the right thing - to give the indigenous descendants of a nation back their land. Putin set the benchmark. We would then be able to see how other governments of the world are absolutely failing their people. And who would actually find out about what happened in Russia, since the MSM had no intention of truthfully telling the story? Nobody would know. I therefore made it my personal mission to bring the truths of these matters to the world. That is why you are here today... because my labours of the last 16 months brought you here. Friends of friends of friends who read my articles back in June last year and ever since, made the way for you to be here today. Thank you for being here and finding this blog and informing yourself. Well done!

Since last September, when more ideas started to flow, is when this project began to take shape. That is when I began to work in a concerted way with Ringing Cedars readers who were finding me and I was finding them, from all over Europe - from Ireland and England, from Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Greece and Scotland. Since then, this project has demanded my every waking moment. Working in this project, for me, is practically a compulsion - because I know this information needs to get out into the world. I see nobody else in the English-speaking world telling you about the Russian free land legislation and how we are going to achieve the same in all of our countries. That's me. Yes - I'm a bit of a one woman show but big and actually really HUGE things are starting to happen behind the scenes. The time is right. In fact, it is perfect. The way to achieve success is by following the Russian model. This is the logical path to take. We don't have to reinvent the wheel. My mission, with all of its many and varied obstacles, is to "back engineer" how the Russian Ringing Cedars readers achieved what they did (language and cultural barriers abound) and to duplicate those same actions and strategies in every country of the world. 

You might have noticed that there is no advertising on my blogs. I refuse to have any advertising. Anastasia says: "Don't interrupt somebody while they are trying to think." So I don't have ads flashing in your face. To thank me for this investigative journalism work and to give you the ability to come to a nice calm space where you can think about the issues at hand, it's really important that you share the love with me, as I have with you. It's good for your soul (gratitude is always good) and you are reaping the benefits of my ardent assiduous work of the last 16 months - so why would you not want to pay me for that? I have given to you, now you can make a contribution to my life in return. It's very simple math.

Patreon allows you to set up a small monthly automatic payment that you don't have to think about after that - payment just happens automatically each month, after you set it up. My suggested amount is US $3 a month. Contribute more if you want to. $3 is very cheap information and gives you the ring-side seat of what is happening behind the scenes. I have a literature and history-heavy Bachelor of Arts degree, qualifications in teaching and have completed journalism school - a one year course. You get a lot of BANG for your $3 a month. My articles to date can testify to this fact. You get access to a lot of new "hot-off-the-press" happenings from all around the world. My fingers are in many, many pies. My personal contacts are in the hundreds, from all over the world, including Japan, Argentina, South Africa, and the north African countries of Somalia, Algeria and Libya - yes... murmerings are already happening in these places. In our networks, we also have connection to Saudi Arabia, and China. These are the things we cannot see yet, but they are happening. You can help advance good work in all of these places through your power of visualization - "the science of imagery" as Anastasia calls it. The "Take back your Motherland" network (central communications channels) is in the thousands. The readership is in the tens-of-thousands. There's a lot more to report on that's right up ahead, and it's only going to get more exciting !!

For a very small monthly amount, you get to keep reading my interesting, informative, motivational and sometimes challenging articles - and I get to eat tonight!   Bonus !!

Thanks all. Your contributions keep me alive !!  (no seriously - otherwise, I do starve)

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 Bron in 2008                                 Bron in 2015 (today)               I have no idea who this is... 
                                                                                                       (Not joking. Past life?)

... but I figure we both must have some common Nowegian ancestry! Erik the Red?
She's held in the Norwegian National Library. May 17, 1907. She's awesome. Mor Norge !!

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