Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Political Graft has now taken place! "Let's get moving!"

Grafting makes sure you have strong root stock to support explosive-growth fruit-bearing scions on top. See The Ecology Centre and see Nola. Be part of this international explosion!

I repurposed the "Take back your Motherland" blog just 1 week ago - September 21, 2017.  As you can see, the visitor numbers have sky-rocketed. The people are listening. The people are ready to activate! At least that is my hope and desire, that people are ready to take ACTION.

The article The Plan !! 2017-2025. Let's get moving !! had 251 views in just 15 hours. That's 1 view every four minutes. Please keep sharing posts... This is the marvellous affect it has.

In the past, all that people have wanted to do is just read articles 😟  That's all very well if you just want to be informed. The real guts and glory of this effort is seen when people get off the couch and do something. If you're just reading and not putting into action what you're reading, you're doing nothing. If you're creating content online, producing videos, taking photos of your local initiatives and being pro-active online to forward Anastasia's dream, you're doing something. If you're chewing the fat with friends on Facebook that is not leading to any manifested outcomes at all, you're doing nothing. It's time to get activated.

The time is NOW !!

I can do nothing for you except show you what happened regarding the May 1, 2016 Free Land legislation in Russia. As an historian and academic I can show you the history. As a futurist and fellow-visionary with Anastasia, I can show you a PLAN. But that's all I can do. The real guts of this initiative happens when YOU decide to get together with other people in your locality and DO something.

Follow your heart...

Ask Universal Life Force what to do. It will tell you. Ask and then listen. It's easy. That's all I do, is get up every morning and ask Quantum Consciousness, "What am I meant to be doing today?" - then I go and do it.

The end of an era has arrived for me. I need to end my social media work on Facebook, very soon. It has been very fruitful and effective. That's right - You won't be hearing much more from me there. I will be active in the "Motherland Party" group because this is where the attention is needed.  And for goodness sakes, don't apply to join that group if you're just going to be a rubber-necker.  😕  If you request to that group, you're basically making a declaration that you are now joining "The Motherland Party" and you are offering your time, talents and intelligence from that day. The group is the beginning of the "Motherland Party" for all countries outside of Russia that don't have it yet. So your "full-all" needs to be there - total commitment. We've got work to do and quite frankly, we don't need the hangers-on. That only slows us down. I'd rather have a group of 12 activists than 500 people who do nothing.

I personally already have an open door to NZ's next Prime Minister. In a very focused 5 minute conversation with her 2 weeks ago she asked me to email all the information about the Russian "Far Hectare Act" (May 1, 2016). She's very interested in what happened. I therefore need to create a succinct and comprehensive package about the Russian Federation's free land "Far Hectare" legislation, and how the Russian legislation can be applied to the New Zealand situation. This is where my attention now turns - from being active online in social media to now writing "Motherland Party" policy for Aotearoa-NZ and for the English-speaking world. These policies that I write will become policy documents and presentation materials that you can adapt and use for your own country. Do you see the plan?

Additionally: I am immigrating to Sweden in the next 6 months. My ETA is April - and there's a shit load of work to be done around my house to enable me to get out of here. I'm selling off my whole household of stuff and I need my entire house to become ship-shape. At the moment, my house and garden looks like a bomb has gone off - mainly because of the stupid number of hours I have been doing online since... ??? *can't even remember how long* 2010, 2011? On this project, certainly since May 26, 2016.  So don't expect to see me around on this group as much as I have been. 

The political graft has now been effected.

It's now up to you... You either take these ideas and run with them, or nothing happens. It's your choice! That is the simplicity of the matter. You make it happen, or nothing happens. What is the future you want for yourself and your family? What is the future you want for your country? This is the motivation that will get you out of bed every day and do something. You have to work at this every day, as I do. "How do you eat an elephant? - One mouthful at a time." It's no good sitting on your hands looking at "the problem" (the condition our world is in). Make it change. BE the catalyst for that change. BE the change! BE the change! BE the change! - Gandhi

Also: Keep posting on this group and/or blog Comments what your intitiatives, ideas and plans are for your country. Keep sending me Word docs and various other presentation material (photos, posters, graphic work, fliers) you are developing as strategies, policies, initiatives and resources for your own country. See this article, "Let's get moving!"

I will continue to publish your ideas and materials (resources), what you with other people around you are going to try out next in your local community (strategies), and what is actually working for you within your local community. ALL ideas failed, failing and working are welcome. What has failed for you might work perfectly in somebody else's community. All of these ideas and activities go onto the "Take back your Motherland" blog so that other people can see them, as I outlined in the article "Let's get moving".

This is where the energy now must go... 

For us all - To TAKE ACTION !! 

Cheers, Bronwyn. Let's get moving!

@ Take back your Motherland - Kin's domains international​
@ Motherland Party - International. Kin's domains.

Start today. Don't stop until we reach our destination - Free land legislation written in every country all over the world. That is our goal. We won't stop until it is 100% achieved - for all people, in every country of the world. If this is also your mission, join us today.

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