Sunday, 8 October 2017

POLICY FIRST DRAFT: "FORESTRY" by Laura Davis, Australia

Motherland Party policy. FIRST DRAFT.
SUBJECT: "Forestry".
Context: Australia. International application.
Date: October 10, 2017.
Authored by: Laura Davis, forester.

In Australia we have 125 million Hectares of land designated to forestry alone and a population of 24 million people. I think by petitioning the Australian Government to release these lands to the people for management the trees will be faster/healthier growing and pest/fire management would be inferred.

By taking back these areas first we are less likely to disturb indigenous native title, current settlements, farmlands, national parks.

1/4 of your domain must have a forestry allotment to ensure the family's wealth, I envision timber trees being incorporated into the living fences this way when harvest time comes they are easier to fell and snig the logs to the sawmill and they are at a far distance from the house. Trees falling on houses is an issue but having dedicated forestry workers within the community will ensure the correct pruning techniques are used and removal of unsafe limbs and trees is timely and achievable.

I have outlined the requirements for community skills in the Land Lotto Australia template which requires every domain to work 8 hrs a week at one of the required skills. For every 100-domain community there will be a sawmill + 4 sawmiller's, tractor + 1 operator, 2 chainsaws + 4 forestry workers, plant nursery + 4 nursery workers, a shop + 8 shop workers etc.

Trees will let you know when they are ready to be cut down and a 3 day ceremony around the tree will ensure all animals have left and are safe. This is also a time to reassure the tree spirit that it has a choice to remain with the timber to be adored for centuries by the people that will use it, leave the timber to return to ether or relocate to another tree to remain as a living tree spirit. Failure to do this can lead to bad mojo in the wood. Let us expand on these ideas and how to communicate with plants here too.

Please write lists of timber trees that grow with ease in your area and include pictures, descriptions, photos of timber and rough market estimates for timber sales of each species. This will be then distributed to the community's in your area through the permaculture education program specifically designed for your area as a part of your general land agreement. Send lists and ideas to Laura Davis

I love native timbers but exotic timbers grow well here too and nitrogen fixing species can be very beneficial to these already monoculture forestry systems that I plan on acquiring. Don't forget trees reflect the energy of LOVE.

Make It Better With Wood!

Please add amendments or suggestions regarding this First Draft in comments below.  If you are an expert in any field, we need to hear from you to write Policy Drafts for the "Motherland Party International". Thanks.

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